Here are 3 great movies coming to Netflix in the coming weeks to add to your favourites right away

The index Netflix, as we all know, offers a huge selection of movies and TV series to watch and it is constantly updated. During the month of May, we saw the release of several cinemas, but also many unreleased content. Among the latter, for example, stands out “The 7 Lives of Léa”, a completely new TV series that has been in the top ten in Italy for a long time. In today’s article, we are going to reveal 3 old movies that many have already seen, but are worth recovering.

On May 14, for example, we can save an unknown movie released in 2018, “Ana de Día” in our “favourites.” This film tells the story of Anna, a young law student who seems to be in complete control of her life. In fact, among his projects is the ambition not only to find a job soon, but also the ambition to get married. However, during a job interview, Anna realizes that her life is not progressing as she would like. After this bitter awareness, he called his parents and realized that his “lookie” had taken his place. Confused by this new reality, Anna decides to escape (practically from herself), becoming someone else, namely Nina.

Here are 3 great movies coming to Netflix in the coming weeks to add to your favourites right away

The second movie to watch, released on May 16, is 2016’s “Jarhead 3: Under Siege.” It is a sequel to 2005’s “Jarhead” and 2014’s “Jarehead 2: Field of Fire.” The protagonist of the story is Evan, a corporal A young man joins the Marines to serve his country on perilous missions. He then began working with a security team tasked with protecting the US Embassy in the Middle East. The situation in the field seems quite calm, and for this reason, members of the platoon tend to be easily scattered. But one day she is attacked by a group of terrorists who want to kill an informant. Thus, Evan and his comrades will have to avoid the attack and preserve their skin, despite the few resources available.

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Finally, for the third film, we chose an all-Italian movie, starring Vincenzo Salmi and Diego Apatantono. We are talking about the 2019 movie “Compromessi Sposi” which tells the story of the love story of Elenia and Ricardo in their 20s. She is a fashion blogger, daughter of the mayor of Gaeta. He is a singer-songwriter, son of a wealthy businessman who hates southerners. Firmly in their prejudices between North and South, parents will try in every way to obstruct this relationship. The comedy will be available on Netflix from May 24. So here are 3 beautiful movies coming to Netflix that you absolutely shouldn’t miss in the next few days.

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