Heller’s recipe, study in Finland, help Kristina

“Those who earn a lot should earn a little less,” Representative Heller said. I ask myself, why instead of betting on the impoverishment of some, do we not propose to generate more wealth so that we are all better off? It will be a more constructive and profitable challenge.

Horace Nico

DNI 16,518,876

Excellent report by Luciana Vázquez entitled “In Finland there are exams for entrance to secondary school and university”. After reading it, I ask: Are Argentine teachers held hostage by Roberto Paradel and prevented from coming up with new ideas? It would be good for the next election to the Guild headed by this man, teachers would take their responsibility and act accordingly, regardless of the standards. Perhaps in this way it will be possible to get out of the current labyrinth in which Argentine education finds itself, where no one has the responsibility to run an organization, starting with the voter who voted for him.

Renata Vieira

[email protected]

“They hug Guzmán and let them lie, and there is Cristina again to lead them,” Maximo Kirchner said.

I would tell Maximo to ask his mother to stop cooperating, because so far the only thing he has managed is the dollar at 300 pesos, if he keeps doing it he will reach 1000 pesos, we thank him for what he did, but that’s fine.

Julio Cesar de la Barrera

[email protected]

Once a national pride and king of international cups, Atlético Independiente is today a pitiful club: it hasn’t won a domestic championship in 20 years; run by incompetents and gangsters who do not step down or allow elections to take place; He owes more than his authority, which has kept him from forming competitive teams for years, and as if that weren’t enough, he hasn’t worn his traditional red jersey for over a year.

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Conclusion, if not a reflection of the country’s decline, it hits the post, and for us supporters of a lifetime, seeing it that way fills us with anger and regret. That is why we must demand by all means that Mr. Hugo Moyano leave once and for all and let us return to the greatness we knew how to achieve.

Jesus Maria Silvera

DNI number 11,045,065

It’s a strange paradox for formal social movements: they protest the results that government gets with the policies they support.

Edward Rigo

[email protected]

Sign semicolons to the July 17 editorial marking the absurd decision of the state watchdog to force the Jockey Club to appoint the same number of men and women to its board of directors. This opening note, full of synthesis and common sense, should be read carefully by various bureaucrats, to avoid inequality based on ideology and resentment.

Eduardo B

DNI 8,254,636

“ably”. That’s a qualification that fits with Dr. Luis René Herrero, a former judge in the Federal Chamber of Social Security’s second chamber, published on June 23, regarding lifetime allowances received by the vice president, in clear violation of Art. 5 of Law 24.018. Surprisingly, Ansys left the initial ruling unchanged to not appeal, while in all cases he appeals the legitimate claims of hundreds of thousands of retirees, who are asking for rulings by the nation’s Supreme Court of Justice to be enforced. . Recognize their legitimate claims. Being a support system, the nearly $4,000,000 that the Vice President earns deprives the millions of retirees earning $37,000 of improving their credit or paying final court rulings that have been processed for years before the respective courts, who are awaiting his supposed turn. Another blatant injustice awaits justice.

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Maria Christina Berberian

[email protected]

The news says that in one year support for the groups has been increased by one hundred percent. This in itself is very dangerous, but the most dangerous is that the support is handed over to companies for the number of units they register without anyone actually controlling their trading. Many bus lines register more units than those actually traded, but all are subsidized. All this with the complicity or negligence of the Ministry of Transport, which does not control the circulation of units that actually receive subsidies. Another box and set off…

Francisco E Cavalero


The government decided to reduce the amount of subsidies for services in which citizens are required to register, expressing their desire or need to continue receiving those benefits. After this bureaucratic process, the authorities are supposed to check whether the request is appropriate or not. How will they do that? Not reported, but it is assumed that with the Land Registry data and investigation of their employment status and a wage. The question is why register? Does the state not already have the elements to determine when the subsidy matches and when it does not? How does it change if someone expresses it explicitly or not? The government is sure to speculate that many will not register due to ignorance, lack of access to computers, forgetfulness or something else. A primitive booby trap to continue mocking the average citizen. A similar analysis is worth banning installment payments in free stores. How many cents benefit this state regulation? Surely people will spend the same amount in one go. But the government has only one goal, and that is to harass the population.

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Oscar Samoilovich

[email protected]

Anniversary of the attack on AMIA

‘Deeply saddened by the lack of justice’ –Anne Green

Will we have to wait unanswered for another attack? And where are the planes with these strangers? ” Teresa Josefina Cava Melsa

“The one who must answer is the judiciary” – Esteban Alessio Arias

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