Heidi’s house in the prairie exists! I visited it in Switzerland

Heydorf, Meinfeld (Switzerland). As soon as we began to walk along the first track, it was impossible to get out of my head a song from my childhood fluttering wildly: “Grandfather, tell me what sounds I hear; Grandfather, tell me why I am walking on a cloud; Tell me why the air smells, tell me why I am So happy, grandfather… I will never, ever get away from you.”

It was getting louder and louder as I had the beautiful Swiss Alps to my left and the town of Maienfeld to my right. I was just starting the path that took me as a kid and I watched Heidi’s story on old color TV.

Yes, because Heidi’s home in the prairie is already there and it is located in Switzerland, in the amazing Heydorf, with its wonderful landscapes. Swiss writer Joanna Sperry may not have found it difficult to draw inspiration from that region when writing the short story Heidi, which was later immortalized by its transformation into a Japanese caricature.

Heidi was an eight-year-old girl who was orphaned and taken to live with her grandfather, who, though a little angry, soon allowed himself to be broken down by his granddaughter’s pranks and way of being, which moved thousands of people.

Perhaps it is not easy to get to this place by public transport, although it is not impossible either. From Zurich or other Swiss regions, you can reach Maienfeld by train. From there, you have to climb a bit more until you reach Heididorf, Heidi’s Villa. At this location and paying an entrance fee of about 15€ (about 11,250 JPY), you can enter Heidi’s replica house, her inseparable boyfriend Pedro’s house, and other attractions.

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There is also a pool fountain from which they drink water and goats. Heidi’s favorite was Snowflake.

But the adventure begins there. If you have a minor physical condition, you can do what we did. We took some trails and the path we could call Heidi’s adventure trail. Yes, the one who used to go down and go up to the city.

The flight is a bit heavy due to the steep climb without rest. But in 90 minutes or so you can reach the real Heidi’s house, the house that inspired everything we know about this gorgeous girl.

Now it is being converted into a restaurant that preserves the structure and colors we saw on TV at the foot of the Alps. On the way, there was a detour to Pedro’s house, but we did not deviate.

In the next video I give you more information and show you Heidi’s prairie home.

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