He won in Australia and is the first South American to do so

Much has been saidduring the last days, from victories achieved by various Colombiansin different specialties. Squash is not far behind, then, newly It was known that Colombian Miguel Rodriguezseed No. 1 of Australian Open Squash ChampionshipI stayed with the tournament after Overcoming for scots Greg Le Penthree sets to one, Thus, he became the first South American to win this tournament.

Rodriguez’s career started in The second round of the tournamentConfrontation Rhys Dowling from the United Statesto any Defeated in 3 setswith a partial 11-2, 11-5, 11-9in 26 minuteswho would give a step to me Quarter-finalswhere Face in Czech Martin Svikwho was defeated Three groups in a rowwith a partial 11-7, 11-3, and 11-9in a game that continued 34 minutesthus achieving the expected Advance to the semi-finals.

In this roundColombian will face again for an American. in this occasion, It will be Andrew Douglaspig Tournament number 6which also will be left behind In the same way: in Three sets of 11-6, 11-7, and 11-9in a meeting It will take 43 minutes. in this way, Rodriguez will arrive unbeaten In the end, against Scottish.

Miguel Rodriguez, before a game in Sydney. Photo: Facebook Squash Australian Open

In the end they will face The first seed, versus the third seed. The Scotsman reached the final after that Defeat of England’s Adrian Wallerafter, after Three groups. Colombian particles, in Australian Open Final of squash, that’s in The candy will give the nickname to the Colombianthey were 8-11 In the The first group would The first and only group he lost Rodriguez. 11-8 per second where The Colombian Reconfigured the Road; 11-1 third and 11-9 Fourth and last.

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He played very well The first and second groups. I switched between backhands, forehands, and I wanted to play backhandso I saw a game From the end of the field to the end. I entered into trust after, after win the second set and started in change strategyplaying with Various shots and using a lot soft touches. It worked for me and it was something I had to do well From the beginning.” Emphasizes Colombian playerafter, after win the match.

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