He ordered a Mickey cake but the bakery design wasn’t what he expected: “look at the vulgarity”

Fary, the famous retailer, took Big surprise when ordering Mickey Mouse cake. The young man asked for her to have the form of a well-known Disney character, but, in return, he got Completely distorted picture. Your video will diffuse In a jiffy and received thousands of comments.

“Look at the vulgarity they just gave us”, She said. ElRealFary is the account on the video app of an artist who has done their work recently “general complaint” What was sent to him from Colombian bakery.

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And in the recording, which reached a million views, the young man showed the original photo of the cake from his cell phone. “Gentlemen April 15 2022 We have been commanded to do so pudding (cake). This was the model. Look, it’s very beautiful.”

Original design commissioned by tiktoker. (Photo: video capture).

When he moved his camera to the right, a cake appeared with A picture of the famous rodent, but it is completely distorted. The only things that seem to indicate it was Mickey Mouse are the ears and the colours.

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Look at the vulgarity they just gave us. Citizen complaint. bakery Marker. Look at this vulgarity. What a horrible pudding, gentlemen. The man in the video said, concentrating on the cake in the foreground.

tiktoker video has been crossed 70,000 Likes And it was filled with all kinds of comments in which his followers did not stop mocking the appearance of the “special” mouse.

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The original design delivered to you.  (Photo: video capture).
The original design delivered to you. (Photo: video capture).

“You can’t do the same because of copyright.” “This is Mickey after he got married.” “The years pass for everyone”. “Mickey made by (Fernando) Botero,” were some of the comments the young man received in his post.

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