He immigrated to Switzerland and had an unusual job in Argentina: “In Europe they give it great importance”

At first I fell in love with a Swiss. 1999 ran Karina Salazarwho lived in San Telmo, went to Internet cafes to participate in the so-called “chat rooms” With the intention of practicing the German language he was studying. Those were times when accessing the internet wasn’t as easy as it is today. “That’s how I met the person who became my husband, I’d better say today, my ex,” he explains between smiles with Nation.

Salazar and a Little Argentinian Custom: Singing When You Wake Up

Chat goes, chat comes, it so happened that one day the guy came to Argentina to meet her. The relationship was taking shape. He returned to his country, and after a while, Karina traveled to Switzerland for three months, with round trip tickets, to visit Italy, Germany, France and back. But he couldn’t do that.

“I fell in love online, and ended up meeting him here, and he had Argentine friends. I went on a trip to Europe, an excuse to go. I was married ten years. Your country is completely lost, but you start enjoying your life. I was 27. I was studying science Economic. My first job was as a secretaryThey needed someone who spoke Spanish. In the early years I focused on a career in the workplace. In the middle, the singing appeared because I needed, I took part in the church choir and it so happened that a soprano from Cordoba was in Switzerland and gave me lessons ”, Karina recalls the first part of her story.

When he talks about his passion for singing, the question immediately arises as to how it got started at funerals. “It was a road that started in a normal way. At first I did it at events and weddings, and since then a client told me that his father-in-law had passed away and that he wanted me to go sing, something we don’t know but There it is usedSo it was.” Besides Switzerland, it has done so in France and England as well. sensations? I can assure you that it is very emotional, when Mass is celebrated, the whole family is involved, and children and grandchildren usually talk,” he explained.

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Karina explains that she dared to sing at funerals because she trained beforehand, and did not do it impromptu: “To study, I took a year off and came back to Argentina to do it with teachers from Teatro Colon. I saw that the technology in Switzerland wouldn’t work, I went to the private conservatory and they recommended me to visit Sasoulas, Renato and his wife Lydia. I took lessons, told them my idea, and traveled. In Switzerland I learned to make the most of my time. Then I would travel every two months and take more lessons.” In Switzerland and other European countries They attach great importance to saying goodbye to the deceased because it is the last. So much so that the Swiss voluntarily separate the amount that they will invest in their own funeral, from which the money that is paid in full for the funeral comes from, Including organists and singers“, addition.

They broke up in 2009 and after four years she met a French man and fell in love again: “I began dating Jean Charles, who is now my second husband. At that time my interest in wine culture began by chance. I did not drink, did not like, but In Europe, they have another vision. I used to organize tasting events, so I thought I should study and find out about them. I did it in london the WSET is based which awards the technical degree in wine which I did not complete and I have a year left to confirm the thesis. Later, I created the Association of Wine Friends of Switzerland, which includes many Argentines who have wineries and we are working to popularize our products.” And so, once again, Karina reinvented herself. “We do it honorably, we offer wine, we give opportunities. Jean would come to the tasting I organized and tell me that he hadn’t tasted wine from so many countries in such a short time, from North America, Australia, Italy and Argentina, you made him drunk with love, very funny“, law Project.

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Salazar and His Other Passion: Bringing Argentine Wine to the Old Continent
Salazar and His Other Passion: Bringing Argentine Wine to the Old Continent

In addition to her singing skills and her studies on wine, Karina is also a visual artist and writer: “When I was in the third grade, I won an inter-school competition. I knew I would become a writer at some point. In my fifth year of high school I had doubts to pursue economics or Arts. Finally I decided on the first. I don’t regret it because it gave me a way to pursue these hobbies. I mean a little bit of everything because I’m also a painter.”

Regarding his books, he comments: “In 2018 in Argentina, I directed a children’s book called CQuarantine on the farm. It was a breakthrough in the epidemic. It happens with a Japanese cow that carries a virus and must be quarantined. It has a happy ending because the cow has been vaccinated and the quarantine lifted. I also wrote a trilogy which is Papal Swiss GuardA historical novel dealing with origins. I tell everything that was happening in Europe at that time through knitting and dealing. I went to the University of Basel to investigate. “

Salazar, Girlfriend: Married Twice in Europe
Salazar, Girlfriend: Married Twice in Europe

Regarding his beginnings in painting, he comments: “A client who owned an art gallery told me that a painter had let him down and showed up, called me on the phone, he liked what I showed him and I started a month with the first gallery. I started by drawing a picture of my mom, that was the starting point“.

Today, Karina Salazar says that enthusiasm for her three main activities is her driving force: “They allowed me to live in Lucerne for ten years, and now I have lived in Zurich for a long time. I came for love and was able to establish myself thanks to my books, painting and funerals. I realize that the activity The latter is not common, but I dared and here I am now. ”

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