He defended his world title – now the Augsburg boxer wants to go to America

It goes perfectly for boxer Tina Rupprecht From Augsburg – though with a blue cheek and a swollen right hand. The 30-year-old successfully defended her world junior welterweight title against Rocio Gaspar of Peru. She had a hard head, said the Swabian in the BR interview. The WBC (World Boxing Council) world title is back – and it should stay that way.

Dream of a world title

Born in Augsburg, she has already set her sights on her upcoming opponents. There are three other boxing associations around the world. And there, too, Tina Rupprecht wants to secure the world title with the lowest weight – the maximum body weight is 47.6 kg.

Rupprecht says: It has always been her dream to box in the USA. This sport is more important there than it is in Europe. Specifically, the 30-year-old is all about unifying the title, that with the WBA (World Boxing Association) in the USA, with the associations WBO (World Boxing Organization) and IBF (International Boxing Federation) in Costa Rica.

Rupprecht wants to be in the ring in America in 2023

Tina Rupprecht believes there is a good chance that boxing matches will be held next year. Other boxers in their weight class also aim to win world titles in all world federations. There are already initial talks, according to Augsburg.

Special support from their students

Wherever the 1.52m athlete enters the ring, she gets a very special support: from her students at the upper secondary school in Zusmarshausen in Augsburg. You give them physical education twice a week. “Especially the younger ones are always so excited when I fight. They bring newspaper articles about me and excitedly tell them they saw me on TV.”

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They will also be watching closely when Tina Rupprecht competes again in 2023 to defend her world title in America.

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