He asked for money on OnlyFans and spent a fortune on surgeries to look just like the devil | Chronicle

22-year-old girl from houston, United StateAnd the It has become a trend in social networks for A shocking transformation on his face from a series of plastic surgeries He subjected him to appear as Satan as possible.

Kirsten Milligan Famous for the content displayed on the site Only the fansWhere he asked for money on this platform to spend it with this unprecedented goal: Achieving the “perfect demonic appearance”.

The sudden transformation of Kirsten Milligan.

Between his eyebrows, he advanced and had dozens of tattoos, among them his eyeballs, dental implants, nose, tongue and nipple holes. According to some local media.

“Some people assume that I am evil or demonic because of the modifications I have made, but that is not true at allHe revealed the eccentric model who has already spent at least $47,000 on operations.

In an interview with the press, he added: “I always knew I wanted to look like this, I had this vision in my head since I was little and I finally achieved it. Before I didn’t have self-respect or even understand who I am, now I feel like I understand myself more and have more love and confidence.”

The sudden transformation of Kirsten Milligan.

The sudden transformation of Kirsten Milligan.

The young woman was diagnosed with a defect in the body

Milligan, 22, suffers from a mental health disorder called ‘body deformity’ You can’t stop thinking about your flaws. Only those who suffer from it can notice them, because the defects are located only in the patient’s head.

Kierstyn Milligan feels that her tattoos and surgeries make her feel more “confident” in her personality as well as in her body. From this position he started with the strange idea of ​​modifying his body to look like a demon.

His private story spread on TikTok. From the network of partners of Chinese origin, where he has more than 700,000 followers, he details each intervention carried out and the videos are bursting with visits and comments.

The sudden transformation of Kirsten Milligan.

The sudden transformation of Kirsten Milligan.

“When some people see my eyes, they stare and point without saying anything, others look at me dirty, and some come straight to my face and say they hate it.”, explained the young woman about what she notices when people look at her. However, he made it clear that he would continue his ‘transformation’. Kierstyn Milligan is already planning to have the other half of her face painted, and she also wants more “morphological” surgeries.

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