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Not everyone is an idol, and less so, is the number one player in history like Roger Federer, who announced on Thursday that at the age of 41 he will be retiring from professional sports. But there is a precedent Footballer featured in Chacarita Who has this honor, Matthias Delgado, the man the Swiss admired because he shone in the team he admired Tennis player.

“In August 2003 I was taken to Basel by some agents who watched me and the captains liked my style. It’s fair to say that at first they dropped two or three attacking midfielders and they came to me,” said the footballer who grew up at Villa Maipu. , San Martin Party, for Infobae.

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Later, from abroad, where he lives with his wife Laura and their children Nicholas, Dolores and Victoria, the 39-year-old Argentine added: “It was a big change to get to a big club in Switzerland. The adjustment was easy for two reasons: I wanted to play there and I got help. Julio Rossi and Cristian Jimenez, two Argentines who were already there from the moment I arrived, were by my side unconditionally.I soon met who my wife was, and from there everything was easier.

How was the beginning of your relationship with Roger Federer? So Mathias Delgado told the same outlet: “The relationship was taking place little by little. He wanted to come to the locker room, but since I am a bit shy, I did not approach him, more than I saw from another planet and he did not have a good mastery of languages. The first contact was a phrase A simple greeting and goodbye. Later I remember meeting him in the stadium boxes and thanks to his humility everything became easier. “

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Football player shouting at the goal shirt Chacarita.

The footballer who came out of Chacarita, where he made his debut in 2000 and played until 2003, told another tale with which he is considered one of the best tennis players in history: “After winning one of his first titles at Wimbledon, he came to the feet of the cup for the city. From the organization they called Five prominent players from our squad to attend the party. I didn’t think I’d lose her and slip up. It was fantastic.”

His first stage in Switzerland ended in 2006, the year Matthias Delgado moved to Besiktas in Turkey and later played for Al Jazeera in the United Arab Emirates. But Basel had his place in the world of football and did not hesitate when he was offered a comeback in 2013.

Matias Delgado returns to Roger Federer’s team

“At that time it was easy for me thanks to my language skills and we were able to talk more about a larger number of topics. He had great gestures with me. I lived many stories, like the time the Basel Open tennis tournament was being played and Roger Federer arrived surrounded by his bodyguards. The four or five to introduce himself to the various shepherds. I was in front of a wall waiting for him to pass by, but without greeting him or disturbing him, and in the midst of those turmoil, he came to see me and stopped the whole procession. He came to me with ‘Hello Maty. How are you?’ We were talking for a while Ten minutes as if there was no one around, and I enjoyed that a lot.”

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A football fan and his city team Basel, whenever tennis allows him, Roger Federer goes to the stadium to watch the matches. “In one of the last titles we won, I was captain and they had to give me the cup. It was a special event, because the Swiss federation changed the cup model and that’s why it came. He came down to the locker room, the moment I had to go out to the field to take pictures. We crossed the aisles. I told him to wait for me so we can chat,” said the Argentine.

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‘I went up and down many times between the party and the interviews, but every time I came in I said the same thing to him: Roger, don’t go,’ he answered, ‘Mate, don’t worry, I’ll stay here,’ while he laughed. At some point, when I was inside the field, I realized that he must have been waiting for me for about an hour and sent the support man to go get him. Within 30 seconds, Roger was on the field to take a picture with me and my family. Besides knowing him well, he kept surprising me with his gestures,” the former Chacarita player continued.

Luck, fate or who knows what made the day Matias Delgado played his last game, Roger Federer was right on the court: “I took off my shirt and said to him, ‘I’ll give it to you even if you never have it’ I asked because I know you love her. But from now on you have an obligation to me and the next time we see each other, you’ll have to give me something of your own. A year later, at the Basel tournament, we met again. She took out a racket from her bag: “I took it all over the world because I wasn’t I know where I’m going to find you. With this I won three championships. He couldn’t believe he remembered everything. Out of the series.”

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Roger Federer Chacarita Matias Delgado
The post that Roger Federer dedicated to Mathias Delgado when he retired from Basel.

Basel prepared a party for Matias Delgado in keeping with what his image means to the club. And how could it be otherwise, there were also great ones Roger Federer: “There were many videos, but the one he sent was exceptional, because of the things he said to me and how he said them to me. Thanks to knowing him so well, I realized that he doesn’t overreact at all. Every word was because I felt it. It was the most beautiful gift I got. Complete it by uploading a tweet To your account with thanks in the Swiss German dialect.”

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