Have you ever seen the children of Mario Draghi? Details and curiosity about their lives

Born in Rome on September 3, 1947, Mario Draghi He is the current Prime Minister of the Italian government. He was assigned this prestigious task by Sergio Mattarella on 3 February 2021, in light of the resignation of former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. He advocated the revival of the country’s fortunes at the mercy of a dramatic not only economic but also socio-health crisis, public interest aroused around his character.

Mario Draghi’s career and private life

After high school, Mario Draghi graduated in it Economie at the University of La Sapienza in Rome. Move to the United States, majoring inMassachusetts Institute of Technology Boston. Outstanding professional advantages as an economist emerge first in the role he occupies Governor of the Bank of Italy. Later to the post European Central Bank Presidentfrom 2011 to 2019.

A dramatic note characterizing his youth: premature loss Both parents. At the age of 15 he lost his father, at the age of 19 his mother. So he is the one who takes care of the younger brothers: Andrinanow an art historian, e MarceloBusiness owner.

Prime Minister

Despite being a reputable figure, Mario Draghi has always stood out Secrecy And Discretion. He has been married since 1973 with Maria Serenella CabelloAn expert in English literature. The two have always preferred the quietness of rural life to the mundane and common. In fact, they usually retreat to their beloved shelter located in the small Umbrian village of Val di Chiana, City of Pieve.

Federica Draghi, the eldest daughter of the Prime Minister

Mario Draghi and his wife have two children: Federica and Giacomo Draghi. Not much is known about them either. While following their father’s political events with interest, he did not see the two sons of the Prime Minister attending any official event.

Prime Minister of the Italian Government

The eldest daughter Federica, who is very reserved like the rest of the family, can boast of her respectable academic achievements. I graduated in biology At the Sapienza University of Rome, Federica holds a PhD in Biology. The passion for science was inherited from his grandmother AssociationThe mother of Mario Draghi, a pharmacist, originally from Monteverde Irpino (Avelino). residing in Milan And a mother of two, the daughter of the Prime Minister can certainly be considered one bright functional woman.

Currently, Federica Draghi is about to launch a new management project that will see her investment in it pharmaceutical sector.

Giacomo Draghi, second son of the Prime Minister

Giacomo Draghi is the second son of the current Italian Prime Minister. Like his father, Giacomo also undertakes economic studies, graduating from Bocconi from Milan. After that, the young man begins to work financial trader in the commercial bank Morgan Stanleyuntil 2017. Currently, he is responsible for the hedge fund LMR . Partnersdepends on London And Hong Kong.

On June 4, 2011, Giacomo Draghi married Valentina OrnelliFeed processor. The ceremony was held in domo From Città della Pieve, which has always been a symbol of family. The couple now lives in London.

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