Harry and Meghan, the latest revelations (and accusations) in the Netflix mini-series

Rome, December 15th. Harry and Meghan’s attacks on the royal family, the monarchy and the press continue in the Netflix mini-series, the last three episodes of which have been available on the American platform since this morning.

In the eyes of Harry and Meghan, especially Prince William and King Charles, who are accused of lying when they met in January 2020 at the famous “Sandringham Summit” to try to reach an agreement after they “resigned” from the court.

In this case, Harry recalls, his father and brother refused to accede to the couple’s request for a “half in and half” Megxit which would have allowed the Dukes of Sussex to continue serving the Queen by reducing royal obligations, while at the same time becoming financially independent and if necessary by moving around. between the United Kingdom and the country they were to choose as their new residence, which was initially Canada.

The Duke of Sussex says his brother, now heir to the throne, “shouted” at him in front of his father and Queen Elizabeth. Harry accuses Carlo of lying and Gran of not saying anything at the now infamous meeting, implying that she will be “convinced” by the rest of the building.

Harry plunges the knife further and points the finger at Carlo’s liaison office, guilty of leaking a message to the press about a proposed transfer to Canada. Hence the need, according to him, for the famous tweet in which they expressed their intentions to leave the royal family known to the world.

“The notion that I did it without informing my grandmother is not true. I have a lot of respect for her,” says Harry.

“This story has been going on for months and months,” but some people took it as an impulsive Instagram post, echoes of Meghan. In short, the couple go back to a long series of situations to justify their actions such as the controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey and the matter of the letter that Meghan sent to her father and published by the Daily Mail.

In particular, the latest case – which the duchesses brought, against the advice of the palace, would have cost them, according to them, the miscarriage Meghan suffered in 2020 and which she later wrote about in The New York Times.

“I think my wife miscarried because of what the mail did. She watched it all. Now, do we know for sure the cause of the miscarriage was that? Of course not. But considering the stress it caused, the lack of sleep—I can infer from what I saw, it was The reason for the miscarriage was what they were trying to do to her,” says Harry. Diana’s second son claims that the “company,” or institutional offices of the monarchy, have always protected his brother by refusing to do the same for him and his wife. Especially with the latter, who, in fact, according to him, is “for the wolves.”

The documentary claims that, since returning from her triumphant trip to Australia, Meghan has unexpectedly begun to wield the press against her. In this regard, the Duke hints at some jealousy of his brother and sister-in-law Kate because of their growing popularity. They say a media-orchestrated change specifically to “someone’s” agenda, which Meghan was unable to support, to the point that, as she has already told Oprah, it generated suicidal thoughts.

A series of intense recriminations in these latest episodes of Netflix, as imaginable from developments, have the potential to shake the monarchy to its foundations. Even if it continues to be only the bell of Sussex, it has so far lacked the bell of the royal family, which is associated with the principle of “never complain, never explain”. We’ll see if this changes. At the moment, the building refuses to respond.

(Written by Isabella Helfer) Ihr/Int14
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