Harry and Meghan for Netflix: A story that enshrines royalty as grandeur against pettiness

Sugary and insincere, in the series, a boastful rejection of the world of conventions. He’s handsome and he’ll be cute too. She’s a woman too much, and she’s the Anne Boleyn whose head can’t be cut off

It seems to me that Shakespeare, but I’m not sure, considered love wild, because it consists of unlimited desire, limited and limited performance, and a fatal gap. After Netflix, we definitely want to think about Harry and Meghan’s love, It would be vulgar to doubt his genuine social fascination and her comedic populist determination, does not interfere with an affair. Yet the performance of this amorous beast remains limited, its tedium precisely atrocious, and its repetition couldn’t be more banal. On the other hand, it is said that people’s ears are not obnoxious. Their relationship, or as they are called, is full of tenderness, complement, cipiripì, as evidenced by the petty-bourgeois middle-class tone that fades on the coat of arms of the dukes, without an iota of humour, daffodils and daffodils, profitably and truly distasteful.

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