Hans Grismeyer passed away

Hans Grismayer was born on November 11, 1938 and raised in modest circumstances, studied folklore at the University of Innsbruck and graduated in 1967. In his thesis he dealt with the topic “Rural Servants in Bostertal”.

After receiving his Ph.D., he was commissioned with Egon Käsebacher to establish an Institute of Linguistics and Folklore in South Tyrol. Lacking a legal basis, he went to Munich and used this time to study and get acquainted with the existing folklore museums.

These experiences were incorporated when he established the State Folklore Museum in Dettenheim and thus saved many buildings and ancient knowledge from oblivion. This tireless commitment was a stroke of luck for South Tyrol, so we could learn about our roots and traditions.

In addition to his extensive and fruitful work for the Museum of Folklore, he was the editor of the monthly magazine for regional studies of South Tyrol, “Der Schlern” from 1971. Thanks to him the magazine became an important scientific series, read all over the world from the USA to Australia. He was an editor for 30 years.

In the twenty years that followed, he accompanied Schillern as a scientific advisor and, through his deep knowledge and many friendships, brought up topics and linked the authors to the journal.

As the author of many books, he has brought the diversity of folklore closer to readers – they are valuable Tyrolean treasures that enrich every library. Grießmair has received numerous awards for his work, including the Tyrolean Medal of Honor (1983) and the Walther von der Vogelweide (2002). This will be followed by an estimate in tomorrow’s “Dolomiten” edition.

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