Hacking Two Solitudes That Meet on Netflix

After an out-of-competition preview at the 39th Turin Film Festival, it will be released on Netflix on April 20 The turning point. The film is the first feature-length film Riccardo Antonaroli With, among others: Andrea Latanzi, Brando Pacheto, Ludovica Martino, Max Malatesta, Chapelle Saster Gonzalez, Federico Tucci, Tulio Sorrentino, Christian de Santi, Anello Arena, Grazia Schiavo, Claudio Begalliwith extraordinary participation from Marcelo Fonte A song written and performed specifically Carl Brave.

The role of two units

The turning pointProduced by Rodeo Drive and Life Cinema with Rai Cinema, is an intimate and nuanced story about two units who meet. Ludovico (Brando Pacheto in an unusual role), who lives hidden in his grandmother’s old apartment. Ludo is afraid of life to go out into the world and show himself. Then there’s Jack (excellent Andrea Lattanzi) who brags about toughness and determination.

However, the forced coexistence of the two parties gradually turns into a real path to the onset of adulthood. A journey to discover their true personalities, alternating between comedy and drama, joy and pain. And when the harsh truth that ruthlessly haunts them comes to foot the bill, they will have to face it. And they will do so with a new consciousness and unexpected courage.

Located in Garbatella

The film’s alternation of records is also accompanied by a stylistic symbol that subtly transitions between still and composite shots, depicting a unifying site such as Rome’s historic Garbatella district (where the entire film is set). And yet a more “dirty” and mobile aesthetic, as a manual machine remains on the faces of the actors.

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The turning point It’s a movie that plays with genres and presents itself as a sort of “fixed road movie.” But it’s also a tribute to the (and not only) genre of cinema. For the entire narrative cycle, in fact, many quotes and inspirations were collected – from the most vivid ones such as the famous film of Dino Rizzi overtakingto the more aesthetic images that refer to the literary images of comics.

All this is accompanied by notes and words Carl Braveone of the most famous and most famous rapper of the Romanian school, who wrote and performed the harmonious score for the film The turning point.

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