Hacker suspected of leaking GTA VI arrested: he’s a 17-year-old frequent | technology

London police were to arrest the prime suspect behind the GTA VI video game leak. It would be a 17-year-old hacker from Oxfordshire who had already at an early age breached the security of other companies.

a The 17-year-old hacker will be the prime suspect From the leak that the video game development company was exposed to GTA VIAnd the rock gamesseveral days ago.

The young man had violated the security of the technology company responsible for the gangster video game, from which Extracted images, graphs and symbols, which later got into social networks.

according to Vandala video game website, was Matthew Keys, well-known tech journalistWho confirmed the arrest of the young hacker: British police have arrested a 17-year-old suspected of hacking Rockstar Games and leaking data linked to Grand Theft Auto VI.

While British police have not linked the hacker, whose identity remains unknown, to the GTA VI leak, the caller has provided more details regarding the investigation.

According to Keys, The cybercriminal at a young age had previously participated in other technological attacks, one of which was on Uberwhich can steal the personal data of drivers and users.

In fact, the relationship between the suspect and the GTA VI leak was due to the fact that It’s the same division investigating what happened With the transfer application.

So far, the London police have not published only minor details about the arrested minor, such as his age and place of residence, Oxfordshire.

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