“Gustavo Petro winking at dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela,” says Jaime Pelli.

Jaime Bailey expressed concern about one of the messages from Gustavo Petro After defeating Rodolfo Hernandez in the second round of elections in Colombia.

Before the comment, the broadcaster broadcast the clip in which the left-wing politician is making his own announcement.

“Today we can indeed propose a dialogue in the Americas without excluding any people or any nation,” He heard the president-elect say.

Immediately after that, Bayley was sent into his program on the American channel Mega TV, where he always emphasized his right-wing tendency.

“Petro nod to dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela,” according to Jaime Bailey

The journalist began by saying that the statement issued by the leader of the historical charter had a clear receiver.

He considered that “this is a reference to the dictatorships of Cuba and Venezuela, which were excluded from the last Summit of the Americas.”

In this way, interpret “Petro succumbs to the hateful rhetoric” Left-wing regional presidents such as Lopez Obrador [México]Alberto Fernandez [Argentina] and Gabriel Borek [Chile]”.

In fact, he repeated: “It is a letter Hate against the United States and dubious friendship with the dictatorships of Cuba and Venezuela.”

As a result, Bailey said he’s not sure what could happen in Colombia with the new president.

“This worries me, of course I congratulate Petro because it is a very important victory for him, but I have serious doubts as to whether he will be a moderate and logical leftist, Like Philip Gonzalez [España]Michelle Bachelet [Chile] Or Tabari Vasquez [Uruguay]. I wish I could applaud her.”

And added: Or would Pietro be a more radical and rebellious leftist; Inclined to the tendencies of Chavez? we will see”.

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Finally, he declared himself on alert: “When Pietro says: ‘A dialogue without excluding any people,’ he is in fact saying that the dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela, and This is the first warning signal.”

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In the video, Jaime Bailey’s speech (minute 1:55):

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