Gustavo Petro attacks Federico Gutierrez for the post of former Minister of Security

In the midst of the discussion organized by the alliance between SEMANA and the timePresidential candidates Gustavo Petro, Federico Gutierrez and Sergio Fajardo presented their proposals for the country. Speaking of Clan del Golfo and the armed strike that occurred after the alias Otoniel was handed over, There was a fierce confrontation between the candidates with the highest intentions to vote in the polls.

You have to resist it, what happened cannot happen. They took over six or seven apartments as if nothing had happened. As president, I’ll be there from the first second. It is very dangerous to see how the Clan del Golfo, in many areas, is telling the communities that they have to vote for Petro and that not a single vote for Fico can appear,” said the candidate, taking the opportunity to attack his main opponent.

Petro then claimed his right to respond because his opponent ran out of time and launched a “personal attack, even referring to a crime.”

“The Gulf Clan is attached to the office. It has a city name that I don’t want to mention because I don’t kill. One of the members of this office was part of his government, Federico “Peter pointed out.

Gutierrez defended himself by stirring up his security figures, asserting that the accusation was an invention of the Petro campaign.

If anyone fights those criminal structures, it’s me. If anyone can catch them, it’s me: 160 captures of the heads of criminal structures. 3000 members of criminal structures. For one thing they wanted to kill me, another thing is that they want to invent So on behalf of their campaign and create a new story. We will attack all criminal structures, and we will not accept the alliance as you did.” confirmed.

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For his part, Petro confirmed that Gutierrez’s security secretary belongs to a criminal gang. “Imagine, concern for the safety of the residents of Medellin. Bureau member.

“It’s not true and there is the issue of the administration of justice,” said Gutierrez, interrupting himself with Petro. The historic charter candidate added that the former official was “in prison”.

“It’s not true. It’s free. Keep lying, Gustavo. Like a rare thing.” She said. Petro went on to assert that the former official had a process related to the alleged link to the criminal group; Gutierrez continued to deny it.

The hostile exchange between the two candidates was interrupted only by Sergio Fajardo, who got the floor after long minutes of fighting between the two leaders at the polls.

Petro also spoke about the alleged plan to suspend the presidential elections. In the midst of the alert, he summoned candidate Rodolfo Hernandez and Sergio Fajardo to a meeting to discuss the matter.

“There is already about two months of preparation by the President of the Congress, by several directors of the uribista movement, by former President Andres Pastrana, former President Alvaro Uribe, to announce the need to suspend the membership of Registrar Alexander Vega, who is currently running the electoral process, Even arguing that he gave way to falsifying the historic charter when the only thing we did was take back the 700,000 votes that were hidden from us in the Senate elections,” claimed.

“If the recorder is stopped in the days leading up to the election, the electoral process is left practically without institutional leadership, and some campaigns, not found here, warned us that this would happen on Tuesday And we turned on the alerts,” highlighted Pietro.

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The only campaign that did not attend the presidential debate was that of Rodolfo Hernandez because the candidate had not yet confirmed his attendance at the dialogue between the presidential candidates.

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