Guatemalan president left unharmed after armed attack

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giamatti was unharmed Saturday in an alleged shooting attack on his entourage as he was traveling through a village in the northwestern province of Huehuetenango, according to a local radio station.

“The presidential delegation was shot in the village of La Laguna de Jacaltenango in Huehuetenango,” Radio Sonora Es la Notícia said.

“There are wounded, but President Giamatti Salim Salim,” he added.

However, military sources explained to reporters that on the occasion of the president’s tour, an operation was carried out on a highway in La Laguna, He saw a car with heavily armed men on board and an exchange of fire began.

In this case, a man of Mexican descent who identified himself as Jose López Velasquez, an alleged member of the Nuevo Jalisco cartel, was infected.

According to the Guatemalan Army, with the support of the Mexican Army, an operation was carried out and four other men were captured in Mexican territory, leaving the wounded man and a grenade left on the Huehuetenango Highway.

The shooting took place when Guatemalan soldiers stopped the car in which the gunmen were traveling.

Giammattei flew by helicopter to Huehuetenango on a business tour to promote products grown by Laguna residents so they could be marketed.

The sources said, apparently, that López was the presumed commander of the structure that faced the Guatemalan army.

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