Groß-Schweinbarth – Living room: coronation ceremony of 24 apartments

Created on September 17, 2022 | 05:02

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Mayor Marian Rickel, Branch Manager Martin Deisner, Lucas Schwingchandel, Architect Hermann Schmidt, State Assembly Representative Renee Luebner and Director Walter Meyer at the coronation ceremony.


eA new apartment complex in Groß-Schweinbarth entitled Weidebach 7.

The Austrian non-profit Building and Settlements Association for Workers and Employees (NBG) is building a housing complex of 24 apartments in Groß-Schweinbarth in Weidenbach 7, divided over two stairs, for rent with purchase rights. Then the coronation ceremony was held.

The entire residential complex is built using low energy construction, including controlled ventilation of the living space with heat recovery. Central air-to-water heat pumps and a photovoltaic system provide heating and hot water. There is even a distribution of heat in the apartments.

The staircase will be unobstructed and a passenger elevator will be installed. Two and three bedroom apartments are available with living space ranging from 50 m² to 72 m². Each apartment has a balcony, loggia or terrace. The ground floor apartments also have their own garden with a tool shed. All residential units are provided with external shading.

Two parking spaces are available for each housing unit. At the request of the renter and at the expense of the renter, one parking space can be equipped with a charging socket for an electric car.

There are also storage rooms for bicycles and strollers. There is a public children’s playground in the center of the apartment complex. Completion is expected in the third quarter of 2023.

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