Great Britain replaces the United States as the country that invests most in Tamaulipas

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comp coming from United kingdom subordinate Britain They applied investment record in Tamaulipas in more than two decades take off United State Such as The country with the highest applied capital in the state during the First quarter of 2022plus a contribution from different countries in different production activities.

The The Ministry of Economy federation stated that between January and March of this yearWhere EnglandAnd the welshAnd the Scotland And the Ireland They have arrived $218.1 million. Only in this period Equal to total 2017 s 2021 by comp coming from European island.

In addition, the British companies Those who have decided to implement their plans at this stage of the year Contributed to 31 percent of foreign direct investment For the entity in Northeast Mexico from 1999 to date, accumulated in $684.8 millionFederal agency explained.

According to economic data, for Tamaulipas, the UK is one of the three states in Mexico with the highest direct foreign investmentbehind Mexico City s Jaliscoup to the last quarter of last year, recording $108 million.

remaining countries

Thus, he leaves in second place American Federation, historically the first state with currency in factories because of its proximity. This contribution was made to 177.8 million dollarsWhile Spain I concluded in $137.7 Million. Both also raised revenues for the Tamaulipas region through private sector companies.

One thing to note is A group of countries amounting to $230.1 millionWhich represents Unprecedented character And almost matches in just three months, with a total of 2021.

Otherwise, companies GermanyAnd the KoreaAnd the CanadaAnd the ItaliaAnd the France s Japan They scaled back or suspended their plans in the state at the start of the year.

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