Government of Lyon: discovers SAT transas at the police academy for $35 million

Leon, Guanajuatotax administration systemhe sat) decided that in 2018 nine suppliers The Metropolitan Academy of Public Safety in Lyon Did not comply with the service provided for a total amount of 35 million and 256 thousand pesos.

The SAT email inbox notified this public body on March 1 of the notes in a review Fiscal Year 2018Under No. 7S.-2-2021-0109 of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

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The most important is that Contract simulation Provision of services, that is, service providers have not complied with Services that paid them.

The director of the academy at the time of the events, Leilani Tortolero García, with then-mayor Héctor López Santillana.

do not depend on records, technical knowledge, Experience of trainers, does not recognize employees who impart training, and does not adopt or provide guidelines and procedures that it has with suppliers to implement Courses and Training”, as stated in the text that the Administrative Directorate of Metropolitan Academy Presented this Tuesday in an extraordinary session of the Board of Directors.

In 2018, it was noted that the director of the academy Leilani Tortolero Garcia The Municipal Public Security Secretary, Luis Enrique Ramirez Saldana.

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Another ring

Another note made by the SAT to the decentralized public body is that it does not recognize declared income within the Income Tax Act under the “System of Moral Persons for Persons with Non-Profit Purposes”, and they shall be considered, they say, taxable income But with the “System of Moral Persons”.

The result is that it requires a pay the upgrade Of the accumulated income another 16 million updated and the resulting fines.

SAT scores are intended to pay for non-existent training.

rental office

Deadline to reply to it SAT requirements It’s next March 22nd.

The Academy submitted to its council a proposal of two accounting firms Tax specialists To process the notes, considering, as they point out, that “there are elements to a file nullity judgment and resources deemed necessary (Office of Taxpayer Defense Counsel) to misrepresent said findings.”

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The lease of the company RSM México Bogarín SC has been approved in the amount of 304 thousand and 400 pesos for legal support in the process of replying note desk Issued by the IRS, analysis and collection of evidence and judicial standards to prove Illegal of punishment procedures.

In response to AM’s questions on the matter, the municipality confirmed that Office recruitment.


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