Government and regional bodies united to get the work done

The Garda cycle track is one of the ten priority cycle tracks defined in National Law 208 of 2015. From the point of view of implementing the interventions, the topics in question are the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Lombardy Region and the Veneto Region. The Autonomous Province of Trento was identified as the leader.

In Trentino – said Tonina – bike paths, according to recent estimates, lead to about 110 million per year. But there are other positive effects, too. More safety, reduce road congestion, reduce pollution. These are more important issues, because they bring with them an improvement in people’s quality of life.”

Tonina stressed the importance of the project’s participation by the concerned parties. “The bicycle route, which traces a 165-kilometer loop around Lake Garda, and also affects the neighboring roads, expanding its positive effects, is a strategic project. It will allow you to fully enjoy, at a different pace than those traveling by your own car, the scenic beauty of the lake, which is a recognized privilege The agreement signed in 2020 obligated the parties to cooperate in order to achieve it. In 2021 the technical feasibility project was implemented, which is expected at a total cost of 344 million. Common standards were also defined: width, partitions, flooring, street furniture, etc. to that. All the elements that must be recognized and that testify to the goodness of the project. For Trentino, the cost is about 80 million euros. 35 million are currently funded: 5.6 from the state, 7 through the national program of steps, 3 from the community and about 20 million We strongly intend to continue the path we have taken, together with Lombardy and Veneto, in particular two years after the outbreak of the epidemic, to meet the growing demand for high-quality tourism, able to combine the beauty of places with luxury and health. So the initiative must continue, with the right contribution of all. We are on the right track.”

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A few days ago – it was said in the continuation of the proceedings that opened with the greetings of Mayor Alessandro Gardone – the Board of Directors of the Garda community signed an agreement with the Catholic University to create a permanent observatory for sustainable tourism, available to local institutions, to help define the guidelines for tourism in Garda in the future.

As is known, one of the main problems in this area is accessibility, emphasized Elisa Di Berti, Vice President of the Veneto Region. He said: “We talked for a long time about sustainability, without taking concrete measures. On the other hand, the Garda bike route is a project that specifically affects these aspects: safety and reducing car traffic. We have a great need.”

The consultant for infrastructure, transport and sustainable mobility for the Lombardy region, Claudia Maria Terzi, stressed that “the proliferation of large cycling infrastructures like this brings not only economic benefits and tangible opportunities for the development of the regions, but also the possibility of networking even in the already established small and medium cycle paths. Today, it often ends up in industrial areas or state roads.”

The work was concluded by the Minister of Regional Affairs, Mariastella Gilmini. “I am very happy to have found such wide sharing about this goal – she said – we all have the future of Garda at the core. We have done important work on the purge and now we have significant NRP resources at our disposal to build the course path. We can’t hide the fact that there will also be difficulties in The realization.But the opportunities are huge and we must also seize them by taking advantage of the rules for simplification that are in the plan.Thanks to the coordination between the regions and the active role of the mayors,I think we really have an opportunity that we cannot miss.It is clear that we have to respect the deadlines.We must Tourism around the lake is more qualified, there are vast areas to modify aspects of “hit and run” by walking towards slow fruiting and deepening its beauty. We still believe in it and view this area as a unified space regardless of administrative subdivisions. Let’s roll up our sleeves and try hurry, to ensure that this new use of the lake becomes a reality in the shortest possible time.”

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