Google’s AI creates ultra-realistic photos with only text descriptions

‘picture’. (Image: Google)

The Google Demonstrate time and time again what different machine learning algorithms can do, such as my mom also lambdaand continues to reverse it with new model from Artificial intelligence It is called a “image”.

According to Jeff Dean, the company’s head of AI, this promises to “unleash co-creativity between humans and Computers“Y Being able to create images from a short, short and simple text description.

The “picture” is very similar to DALL-E-2, Developed by artificial intelligence Open AI (a company founded by Elon Musk) which also allows you to create an image from a written description. However, there are some differences between the two models, Like the level of detail and efficiency in creating this image.

specific, Google claims that its AI provides results with a much more accurate level of detail than other systems. To verify this, the company created a standard called table Which compares your AI model to similar models, and displays the results side by side for the user to see. The “human evaluator” can distinguish between them and choose the most realistic.

These people, according to the company, concluded that Images produced by Imagen were of higher quality and ‘in keeping with the text described’, Better than the rest of the models.

Make a “photo”. (Image: Google)

Image, Google’s AI that generates an image from a short text description, is also “computationally more efficient, more memory efficient, and converges faster” thanks to its special architecture called at. as a result of, Surreal images are produced more accurately than any other model And any kind of text description.

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“Transparent duck figurine made of glass. The statue is in front of a landscape painting”, “A couple of robots dine with the Eiffel Tower in the background”, or “A dog looks curiously in the mirror, sees a cat”, These are phrases that Google uses as an example to demonstrate the capability of its AI model.

These are some of the ones that can be found in the file web page:

Photo Gallery.  (Image: Google)
Photo Gallery. (Image: Google)

On the other hand, Google claims that Image can also generate images with descriptions based on specific locations or even complex text. For example, if the user enters “A giraffe running with a rabbit at La Bombonera stadium in Buenos Aires”, The company’s AI will generate an image based on this description and will understand the scientific name of the two animals as well as the places.

“Picture”, at this time, An internal project and not publicly available, Because it may lead to the creation of images containing Stereotypes and Harmful Perceptions, As explained by the company.

Image is based on script encoders trained on de-saturated web-wide data and thus inherits the social biases and limitations of large linguistic models. As such, there is a risk that Imagen has encoded harmful stereotypes and representations, which guides our decision not to release Imagen for public use without further safeguards.” I mention google.

Some photos created by
Some of the photographs were created by Image. (Image: Google)

How to know how to access Google account data apps

from cell phone:

1. Open gmail.

2. Tap the three horizontal lines from the top margin.

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3. Go to session.

4. Click on the account you want to configure (if more than one account has been added on the mobile phone).

5. Click Manage your Google account.

6. Swipe right to the option protection.

7. Finally, enter the section Third party applications that can access your account.

The Security section of your Google Account is used to display a lot of data
The Security section of your Google Account is used to display a lot of data

– from web browser:

1. On the PC, tap dotted square that appears in the upper right margin next to the username.

2. Enter invoice.

3. On the right side, click where it says protection.

4. Finally, tap Third Party Applications He can access your account.

In the Gmail Security section, you can find third-party apps that access data from your Google account
In the Gmail Security section, you can find third-party apps that access data from your Google account

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