Google tried to replace satellites with giant balloons, because it did not work, and now it will use lasers

Aalyria will take over from a project that has taken a 180 degree turn to become viable.

Not so long ago, Google seemed to have found the solution to public communication in that color project, which we already told you about at the time in Urban Tecno. However, judging by Information published by Bloomberg Digital Mediait appears that the North American company, specifically the parent company the alphabetthere can be They gave up their rights To a third party to radically change the project.

Google is changing plans, system, and company to embrace the arrival of a new form of communication

The color project is considered to use hot air balloons As a way to be able to share the internet in any corner of the planet, but it ended up shutting down last year. It is now that we are familiar with The birth of a new companya call highwhich will be responsible for using the knowledge gained over the years by Alphabet and using it to create a file New communication system through the use of laser technology. Alphabet has had a small percentage of participation in this new startup, although its work will be independent of the North American giant.

Below , high immersed in two big projects, which appears to have been co-developed. On the one hand, the so-called narrow beam, which will be a laser communication system that will use beams of light to transmit information. secondly, Spare time, the cloud-based software, which will be responsible for maintaining the stability of the communication between the sender and receiver. The broadcasting stationsin this case, it can be located in Satellitesas Starlink already does, or they can be located in Main land.

Global Internet project will replace laser balloons

The global Internet project will replace balloons with lasers. unplash

The big advantage From the Aalyria system is the flexibility that light rays give to communicate, being connection speedAlso really important. The company is talking about links until 100 times stronger Of the existing ones, which will leave optical fibers, with a more complex installation, in a complex place. Also, it looks like Aalyria will remove one of the . files Major defects For your system, the service is interrupted Bad weather. The Applications The communications system will be so diverse that it can be used in aircraft, ships, cellular links and satellite communications.

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At the moment, the company only owns 26 workers And although Alphabet has the knowledge that it has accumulated for years, the transition from theory to practice still needs to be developed little by little, because the project promises to be amazing. Chris TaylorCEO of Alia, confirmedin the statements made to the above medium, that:

The core of the company is to connect everything that exists today with everything that will be there tomorrow. Today, we can deliver 1 gigabit per second to every seat on an airplane.

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