Goodbye bye: Romantic Comedy Review on Netflix

As of Wednesday, July 6, a new romantic comedy is streaming on Netflix: Say hello to goodbye. This is a Netflix original production written by Ben York Jones and Jennifer E. Smith: the original English title is Hi bye and everything in betwen. The film’s producers – Matt Kaplan and Aubrey Bendix – are known for working on All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. The comedy directed by Michael Lewin follows the relationship between two young men – Claire and Aidan – during their senior year of high school. Although their story seems idyllic, after nearly a year together, the two protagonists seem to want to keep faith in their promise on their first encounter: a breakup before college starts, to experience university in complete freedom.

Talia Rider Claire plays, while Jordan Fisher Actor, best known for the movie The Flash, plays Aidan and is one of the film’s executive producers. Also joining the cast are Nico Hiraga, Ayo Edeberry, Sarah Gray, Jennifer Robertson, and Patrick Sabongwe. Here is the synopsis and trailer for the movie Hello, Goodbye.

Claire and Aidan promised to break up before college without regrets or broken hearts. However, an epic goodbye date may offer them one last chance for love.

Below, you can read the spoiler-free review of the film.

Light and summer movie

Let’s start by saying that Say hello to goodbye It’s a very interesting movie, offering 1 hour and 25 minutes of free time. The tones are very light and leave room for sarcasm. In Da ciao ad fareio, we do not find scenes with strong emotional impact or minimal roughness. Precisely for this reason, it proves to be a perfect movie to watch during the summer, in a moment of relaxation. The many scenes set on the town beach evoke the vibe of summer, as well as the moments when you see Claire and Aidan on a boat or on a rubber dinghy at sea. Much of the movie – the couple’s farewell night – is set in the summer, before college starts.

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The photography emphasizes this light atmosphere with light colors, alternating with the romantic atmosphere where Claire and Aidan meet during their dates. The film is set in a classic American city, ranging from high school to an ice rink: this location conveys a sense of familiarity.

Predictable story

The main problem with Da ciao ad fareio turns out to be predictability: the film proposes many cliches and narrative schemes typical of the romantic comedy genre. We never see actual fluctuations that are able to surprise us. While this characteristic reassures the audience, on the other hand, the audience may know the ending of the movie that really started from the first scenes. The plot tells a love story CLEAR And the Aidan Using various flashbacks and omissions, from “hello” to “goodbye” and beyond – as the movie’s title suggests. This temporal entanglement makes the comedy more interesting and original.

Characters and Actors

From Hello to Goodbye, it brings back a very positive image of youth: the two protagonists are resourceful young men, attentive to their academic and work future. CLEAR She presents herself as a model student, sensitive to her mother’s happiness. The girl’s only “flaw” is the fact that she has a lot of plans for the future and, therefore, struggles to live in the present. also Aidan She strives to look perfect in the eyes of the family, as well as a talented musician. The two characters reveal that they have some shadows, but they are of little importance. In addition, their relationship is idyllic, and even occasional disagreements fit into a funny or poetic style. While it’s fun to witness such a simple and upbeat narrative about adolescence and love, the greater complexity of the characters would have given it more credibility.

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The cast – made up mostly of really young actors – convince with their sense of freshness. Jordan Fisher He became known to the general public thanks to The Flash, playing the role of Bart Allen / Impulse. The actor also proves to be convincing in the context of comedy and also makes use of his singing skills, which were already featured in the finale of season seven of The Flash. for Talia Rider, only 19, Da ciao ad fareio is one of the first: the actress plays Claire with simplicity and elegance. Far from the heroic couple, the other characters are more vivid, but still fall into a romantic and bright atmosphere.

Sooner or later, the introduction becomes a book.

Aidan Claire

Bye Bye is a romantic comedy with a classic style: positive characters, a carefree atmosphere, and a happy ending. At the expense of being predictable, the film conveys optimism with romantic entertainment and lightness.

Hello to Goodbye is available on Netflix starting Wednesday, July 6th.

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