Gmail is renewed and these two ways to view mail

How to customize toolbars in Gmail. (Photo: MuyComputer)

Gmail users have defined updates in their mail, it’s a customizable interface that can be adapted to each user’s needs or tastes.

Previously, when you were logged into Gmail, you would see a single panel displaying all platform options and features, and an option to add labels to it by clicking the three-line icon. There is now a new sidebar with other options such as Chat, Spaces or Meet.

Anyway, many users mentioned that having too many toolbars can remove a large field of view from the screen, especially on laptops.

However, you can hide the larger panel by clicking on the three lines icon mentioned above, located at the top left of the screen.

The new Gmail update will be very useful, especially in workspaces.  (Photo: NewEsc)
The new Gmail update will be very useful, especially in workspaces. (Photo: NewEsc)

1. Click “Settings” and then “Customize”.

2. A list of Gmail features will be displayed to choose from and then uncheck Chat and Meet.

3. It will not appear immediately on the mail entry page.

After applying these steps, to see the changes, you just have to refresh the page and the Gmail interface will appear as it was before this update.

Likewise, there are other types of updates implemented in the email service, such as more color schemes and other interface functions that allow you to fully customize the Gmail inbox image.

Also with this new update, to access only the pages and tools related to email, you will have to click on the “character” icon now in the new panel, because if you select another function such as the chat inbox and other folders will not be displayed.

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Finally, if you prefer to use the old version in which Gmail icons and designs were showing in red, you should display the settings bar by clicking on the “nut” icon and then selecting the option that says “Return to original view”. Of course, Google will ask why you don’t like the new interface design.

It will always be useful to try the updates and changes that Gmail and Google bring with the rest of their platforms, as well as other applications such as social networks, where new functions can be found very useful.

In this case, these updates to the Google email service will make the working life of many people easier, because as a result of the way of working remotely spurred by the health emergency of the past two years, many users have had to organize your meetings and commitments by video call , and it is very practical to always have a ‘meets’ icon in view.

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