Gmail enables better storage management

gmail. (Photo: MuyComputer)

account The Google You have 15 GB of free storage on Cloudspace managed by google one and shared between gmailAnd the Google PhotosAnd the google driveAnd the and backups of users’ devices, among other services, Being the most important thing in cloud storage management, So no one runs out of space.

for Helping people manage their storage, can see how that mobile app From Gmail, follow the steps of Google Photos and add new partition to check used storage space, As you can see below.

So you can see how much storage you have on Google

Google has started implementing a file A new indicator in the Gmail app shows how much memory is being used. This message will appear in the user account list.

This message says Percentage of storage used s The total space available to you or under contract with Google One. For more details, just click on the cursor to see how much space each Google service is using, as space used by Gmail. It also provides a shortcut to free up space with Google One.

Gmail storage space.  (Photo: WWWhat's New)
Gmail storage space. (Photo: WWWhat’s New)

When the user is running out of cloud space, A yellow warning will appear directly above the user’s profile picture in the search bar So we can try to fix the problem before it runs out of memory and Google services stop working properly when free space is running to receive more e-mail Or download photos, videos, or any type of file.

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Thanks to this novelty, Users no longer need to visit the web version of Gmail or use the Google One app to check used space. This novelty is expected to reach all users in the next few days.

The trick to free up space in Gmail faster with Mac or Windows

many users manzana also Android Use a Google account in their daily lives, regardless of whether they have them later iCloudDrive Salim. And as with all services, there may come a time when their storage space gets full. form of Save space with Gmailwhich will have to be accessed from a Mac also windows

Just like you can get almost the entire iCloud storage, Google storage isn’t infinite either. It’s always possible Delete emails from the Gmail app to Iphonebut it’s a very slow process So you have to choose one by one. Fortunately, there is another way to achieve this:

1. On a Mac or Windows, open a file web browser and go to Gmail account.

2. In the desired inbox or mailbox, tap square icon on top.

Select all emails from Gmail.  (Photo: Gmail / Jose Arana)
Select all emails from Gmail. (Photo: Gmail / Jose Arana)

3. With this, they will be selected All emails that appear loaded, Max 50.

4. However, now another message will appear in blue: “Select XX conversations from the inbox.”

5. If you press there, you will see how another message is now displayed confirm selection, With a button to bypass it.

6. If you now press trash icon They will all be sent there.

It should be remembered that you are only moving your emails to the trash. To save space in Gmail, You need to remove them completely:

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1. Go to paper pin.

2. Click ‘Permanently deleted’.

Permanently delete emails from Trash or Trash.  (Photo: Gmail / Jose Arana)
Permanently delete emails from Trash or Trash. (Photo: Gmail / Jose Arana)

This is the only way to free up space in your Google account. There’s also one last thing to consider: Once you’ve done this last step, The user will lose all these emails forever.

So maybe It is convenient to save or archive emailsas well as download attachments elsewhere for later reference.

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