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Losing to Japan is heartbreaking. Despite all the hopes, Germany will never play in a World Cup again. We wished everything would be better now and dance around the tables like we did in 2014. Instead, sports reporter Detlev Lindner had several bad ideas.

It’s the Friday after our boys were eliminated in the World Cup.

Even against Costa Rica, it wasn’t enough to win. The draw is the only point Germany got in the group matches against Japan, Spain and Costa Rica. Shame! After a 1-1 draw with 31st in the FIFA World Rankings, television cameras caught Gianni Infantino in the VIP stands. The FIFA president waved the German flag shortly after the final whistle and covered his mouth with his other hand. True to the motto: “I won’t say anything else about German football.” I suspect the man smiled secretly at the same time.

Reporting by Ole Honess

In Munich, Bavaria President Emeritus Uli Hoeness leapt onto a self-made stage at Marienplatz and took to the streets to show his displeasure with the failing DFB team. In his passionate talk of nearly two hours, the 70-year-old offered to be the national coach and made it clear with gestures that even VfB Stuttgart would have done better than the German kicker at the World Cup finals. Finally, Hoennis was escorted to the stage by a special police unit, and loudly scolded.


Max Kruse offers an evening of distraction

Max Kroos, who has been arranged at Wolfsburg, has made it clear on social media that he will support Uli Hoeneß as national coach. According to the former Freiburg player, he will be ready to play again in the national team as a leading player in the attacking position. Kruse also introduces himself as a team player, expresses sympathy for the World Cup failures and invites all German players to a weekend poker game at his house. According to the 33-year-old, “the lost self-confidence must be rebuilt.”

Mats Hummels shows no mercy

In his latest World Cup analysis, Dortmund’s Mats Hummels is doing his best. The ex-citizen, who was left at home, criticized above all “stiff hips and an unfocused, tactically untrained defense”. The German team lacked “the absolute will to work” and “the absolute belief in victory” in this World Cup, complains Hummels, who announced his willingness to serve as defense minister again in 2026 in the World Cups in Canada, Mexico and Canada. United State.

Protest marches

When the FA delegation arrives in Frankfurt on Friday, ten fans greet it. Players willingly submit autographs. Tens of thousands of angry fans in front of the airport are protesting against the dissolution of the German men’s national team. The crowd supports the further promotion of women’s football in Germany. The police also joined the protesters’ demands.

A world of ideas

It’s good to get your bad thoughts out of your head. Suddenly there was room for positive images again. Realize that everything can turn out really well. For example, on Sunday, when Germany swept the Spaniards 7-0 off the field in their second group match. Then I never had dark thoughts!

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