Giant screen falls on members of the Mirror Gang in Hong Kong; Two seriously injured

a. B. Two members of the band Mirror Injured at a concert in Hong Kong after a huge video screenhanging above the stage, fell on the artists who were below.

The concert held on Thursday by a group cantopopwas the fourth in a series of 12 scheduled by the band at Coliseo de Hong Kong.

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The Videos that was traded in social networks Mirror members Anson Lo and Edan Lui showed off a performance with dozens of dancers on stage when one of them was several LED screens Suspended above the stage collapsed.

It seemed that the falling screen hit one of the dancers directly in the head and body, before falling on another artist, while the audience screamed in horror, according to the clips.

The rest of the artists on stage rushed to the aid of those who were exposed to the screen and shown videos.

Police said they received a report at 10:36 p.m. about the incident and said two dancers had been sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in an unconscious state.

Local media reported that the hospital said that one of the dancers was in a “serious condition”, while the other was in a stable condition.

Police said that in addition to the two actors who were injured on stage, three other women in the audience were injured. One of them felt unwell and was sent to the same hospital in a conscious state, while two others were in shock but did not require medical treatment.

The fall of the LED screen is the latest incident in the concert series. On Tuesday, Mirror member Frankie Lowe appeared to lose his balance and fall off the edge of the stage while giving a speech, according to clips on social media.

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An online petition about safety issues was launched at Mirror’s concerts the same night and has since garnered more than 13,000 fan signatures. The petition urged organizers to ensure the safety of the mirror and dancers and to refrain from using unnecessary stage mechanisms or raised platforms.

Viu, the company that creates and currently operates Mirror, did not immediately respond to an email request for comment.

Mirror, a 12-member group that has grown in popularity in Hong Konghe was credited with reviving cantopop It gathered tens of thousands of fans in the city.

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