Germany outperforms Australia in front of its people

Germany and Australia battled in Munich in the final match of the Davis Cup group stage, a series that was decided by Germany’s victory in the decisive duel in pairs.

Tournament results

Struve Purcell (6-1, 7-5)

The two responsible for opening the match are Struve and Purcell, which is surprising given what has been seen in recent days when Hewitt decided to include Kobler as his second player. The meeting was controlled at all times by Struff who assured his offensive power on the serve at all times. After the first set clearly dominated by the German, the second set was even more exciting when Struve gave up his serve on serve to close out the match in two sets. Purcell could not extend the duel much longer, as the German broke up soon after and gave the first point to his country.

Otti Kokinakis (6-7, 1-6)

Ooty and Kokinakis played the second duel, A duel where direct tennis and short points prevailed over everything else. The first round saw both tennis players maintain their services in a relaxed manner until they reached the tiebreak, where Kokinakis asserted his greatest strength to win the first set. The second punch didn’t have much history, unleashing Thanasi and showing why he’s such a serious tennis player. in this way, Australia tied for a draw and left everything to the doubles duel.

Krawetz / Putz Ebden / Purcell (6-4, 6-4)

The decisive duel in the tie was the doubles point. Germans Krawietz and Puetz asserted their dominance of their land against an established pair in the duo tennis scene. The Germans walked down the track aware of the opportunity they had in front of their own people, and they were not disappointed. Both groups have the same text, With the German duo breaking the Australians in the second half for the rest of each set. Since then, they have managed to maintain their supremacy and run the lead throughout each group to achieve a victory in two sets, thus securing the German team’s place in Group A ahead of the finals in Malaga next November. Germany refereed the Davis Cup series against Australia.

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