German Basketball League: Jeremiah Martin and the NBA – ‘It was a dream come true’

He came as a firefighter and put out the first fires: when Kamar Baldwin was seriously injured at the end of March, officials at BG Göttingen had to act quickly. There are only a few days left until the end of the transfer period for you to be able to sign a player. Head coach Roel Moores found what he was looking for – in the A-League. American Jeremiah Martin arrived in Göttingen on Thursday and was already on the ground in Braunschweig on Sunday. Since then he has always been one of the most successful shooters on the Violet team.


He is 25 years old, from a basketball family. His mother played when she was in college, and so did his sister. “Basketball was always in our house, my mom coached me when I was a kid. My daughter is only four years old, but she already plays,” said the player from Memphis, who also played soccer at school for a few years before focusing entirely on basketball.

21 games for two clubs in the NBA

After college, Martin attempted to gain a foothold in the NBA, starting with the G-League and then playing a total of 12 games for the Brooklyn Nets in the 2019/20 season. The following season he was signed by the Cleveland Cavaliers from the G-League, and played 21 times in the NBA. “It was an amazing experience, as well as a dream come true.

I hope to be able to play there again one day,” said Martin, who, when asked about his famous teammates or opponents, said diligently: “Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James.” It is exciting with these players who are known all around the world to be On the field.” “And when you’re on a team with them and build relationships or friendships, it’s a very special thing.” Being an NBA athlete is a “daily struggle” and starting a new job every day.

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A move to New Zealand followed for the 2021/22 season – however, Martin was never in the country during his time with New Zealand Breakers. “We were in Australia all the time and played our matches at home there. Australia is a very beautiful country,” said the American, who played there with former Alba Berlin point guard Peyton Seva. Also warmly recommended by BBL.

Arrived and delivered promptly: Jeremiah Martin turned out perfectly in BG.
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“You will love it and you will have fun,” the former Berlin player told him after four years of experience in the league. Adonis Thomas, one of his closest friends from Memphis, gave him more information. The former medi Bayreuth player told him about the good organization of easyCredit BBL and that most clubs have their own training rooms, and that spectators give the teams a lot of energy and support. “Everything he said is true. Fans remind me of my college days,” says Martin’s experience in the few weeks he spent at BJ Göttingen.

Help from the BG team and coaches

It’s always difficult to join a new team at the end of the season. “I have come to a point where every match is important. But the team has been consistent and helped me a lot, and made it easy for me. The two coaches give us a lot of self-confidence, telling us exactly what to do,” says Martin.

Martin came to Germany on his own – without his daughter, Journey, and his partner, Ekoriya, who works as a teacher. So far he hasn’t seen much of the city – with exercises and many games in a short period of time. “I’m also at home a lot, calling my family or playing video games,” says the 26-year-old.

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He has already experimented with the Göttingen restaurant scene quite a bit, and in Australia he has also learned to cook for himself. “But I’ve hardly ever done it here. It’s hard to go shopping and translate everything: you have to know what’s spicy, for example. I’ve eaten a lot of Caesar salad with chicken since I’ve been here, but my favorite pasta is pasta.”

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