George Camposos and Devin Haney performed an extraordinary show in Australia


Within minutes of the meeting, George Camposus and Devin Haney were walking long before the fight.

George Campos and Devin Haney in an unusual lane in Australia
© GTGeorge Campos and Devin Haney in an unusual lane in Australia

finally, George Campos and Devin Haney meet in the ring at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne to fight for the WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO and The Ring Lightweight World Titles. However, before the fight, in the famous walk to the ring, the American and Australian took too long to leave on the way to the ring.

Undoubtedly, one of the important moments in each fight takes place on the famous Walk where it is a separate show. The big organizers in recent years have been Canelo Alvarez with Mariachi and Tyson Fury with different incomes.

However, in Australia, the amazing thing was not in his exit from the ring, but in what it took them both to get there. forward Devin Haney who has been late since after the call Michael Buffer took over five minutes and after a second call he went to the ring. What happened to George Camposus Jr. was slow to leave after a series of Spartan-style screams was different. Despite that, they both made it to midfield and there was going to be a fight.

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