Gebrüder Weiss transport partner for the missile mission


Shipping agent Vorarlberg Gebrüder Weiss is the official logistics partner for the Swedish Space Corporation’s (SSC) SubOrbital Express rocket mission. The logistic company is delivering equipment for twelve scientific experiments to the Swedish city of Kiruna.

From November 14 to 24, weightlessness experiments will be conducted at the Esrange missile base near Kiruna, Sweden’s northernmost. The equipment required for this purpose will be transported by Gebrüder Weiss.

Gebrüder Weiss is organizing the transfer of the trials from the SSC headquarters in Solna near Stockholm to Kiruna, 1,200 kilometers in the north of Sweden. On November 22, the experiments will be sent into space from the Esrange rocket base. The parabola results in weightlessness for six minutes. The experiments then landed in an uninhabited area north of Esrange. From there they are brought back to the base by helicopter and then evaluated by researchers.

Share the international research team

The goal of the experiments is to gain knowledge of the research and work of astronauts in space. Among other things, it will be investigated how cells in the body behave when gravity is withdrawn from them. Research teams from Australia, Costa Rica, Portugal, Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Sweden are participating.

Experiences can affect the whole world

“As the Swedish Space Corporation, we enable space research for international universities, research teams and start-up companies. Many experiments have a direct impact on science, and thus can impact the entire world,” says Stefan Kramer, director of SubOrbital Express, the Swedish space company. Logistics also played an important role in the implementation of the project: “It is important that the equipment was brought to the missile base on time and, above all, safely. With Gebrüder Weiss, we rely on a logistics partner that we can trust,” says Kramer.

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