Gaviota “steals” three times a day in a British store, how does he do it?

A video that spreads across various social networks. In it you can see a seagull stealing snacks in a quick and fun way.

At Tesco, a retail store located primarily in the United Kingdom, The moment the animal escapes with it is recorded by entering as any human agent and stealing several mechato packages.

According to data collected by Metro, the bird’s bold actions represent a large sum of bucks.

Several natives of Benton, Devon, have reported meeting a seagull, which is why they decided to name it “Stephen Seagal.” According to the statements, The animal discovered the way the facility’s automatic doors work, So in the video, which has become a trend, The single thief could be seen waiting to attack.

Stephen Siegel kneels in a corner of the store, waits for its doors to open, rushes inside, and then stands in front of the automatic metal. This is how the animal manages to constantly take packages of Cheetos or other products, because the moment the doors are separated, it escapes; A movement that provoked hundreds of laughs and astonishment at the way it worked, because the micato held it tightly in its beak.

“I’ve seen her come a few times. This time he climbed on my hood and started taping, and I knew he was about to do something,” said the author of the video, Liam Brown, to the above medium.

He added: “He jumped down and started chewing gum from the floor, then he went to the store and ran out with a box of mini cheddar.”

But In addition to the fact that the animal’s actions have gone viral, economic losses can mean an important problem for store employees. According to the Tesco factor, the daily rate at which a bird is stolen is large; Three times a day.

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This is how Staff came to estimate that a seagull stole about 17 kilograms of snacks which cost more than 300 pounds (more than one and a half million Colombian pesos).

“It’s common. We think it’s the same seagull, we have to chase it away because we don’t want to lose reserves. We’re always on the lookout,” said one employee.

Now, the place workers must not only be aware of any rogue, but also be aware of the bird.

This is the video that proves the strange way the animal works.

Together, there are many who question the intelligence of animals, as they appear to be more daring than is generally believed. For example, on TikTok, a sea lion went viral, having arrived Tourist complex in the Galapagos Islands, in Ecuador, wandering like “Pedro por su Casa”.

In a video you can see that the mammal came out of the sea and Climb up some stairs and, without hesitation, “dive” into the on-site swimming pool.

I’m not happy with it The animal came out of the pool and headed towards the tourist who was resting on a chair and was watching him. However, the man was a bit afraid of seeing a sea lion so close and tried to frighten him with his foot.

The animal did not stop, but on the contrary, He ended up lying in the chair where the tourist had been seconds before.

According to the resort staff, The sea lion is an old acquaintance and they even have a name for him. They call him Wendy.

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Curious video was recorded by Mackenzie Castellanos, Who were staying enjoying their honeymoon.

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