Gasoline is scarce at the border because American citizens cross to load: the safe

La Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público del gobierno de México señaló que la escasez de gasolina en la región fronteriza resulta de un desbalance entre oferta y demanda por los altos costos de los combustibles en el mundo y m los precios de los precios respect United State.

The shortage of gasoline, which has been reported in some places in the border region between Mexico and the United States, is caused by an increase in these fuels in the region. “The above is a consequence of the fact that gasoline prices in the United States are higher than in Mexico, and that citizens of that country are crossing the border to stock up,” the agency said in a statement on Saturday.

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Mexico suspends gasoline subsidies along the US border for a week

The Finance Ministry noted that “even with the temporary update of the gasoline stimulus at the border, on average, prices in Mexico continue to be lower than in the United States.”

In addition to the increased demand for gasoline, supply problems have also been reported as importers stop buying it, so the alternative for service stations in the region is to buy the product from Pemex, which is facing tax supply challenges, he adds.

Mexico announced on Saturday that it will not apply subsidies to keep gasoline prices low the following week in about 40 municipalities that border with the United States, including Tijuana, one of the world’s busiest crossings.

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Additional oil revenue will pay for fuel subsidies: Treasury

The Ministry of Finance said that the subsidy will not be applied between April 2 and 8, as it reported that the empty financial support for gasoline includes the cities of the six states along the borders with its trading partner, such as Mexicali, Tecate, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa and Matamoros.

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The temporary withdrawal of the subsidy announced on Saturday comes amid reports of motorists crossing from the United States into Mexico to fill their tanks and avoid record gasoline prices in their home countries.

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