“FTX is the opposite of Bitcoin”

Key facts:
  • For Bukele, Bitcoin prevents financial fraud.

  • El Salvador’s president thinks it’s still “early” and points to a shortage of bitcoin.

Minutes ago, the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukil, released his opinion on Twitter about FTX status Make a comparison between the collapsed exchange platform and Bitcoin electronic cash network.

for the president“FTX is the opposite of Bitcoin” because this protocol “was created specifically to prevent Ponzi schemes, manage banks, Enrons, WorldComs, Bernie Madoffs, Sam Bankman-Fried…” With this, it makes a reference to catastrophes Historical financial data, stakeholders and Include the FTX generator as another one of these instances.

add that This technology also prevents “Bailouts and reallocation of wealth”, the same thing Satoshi Nakamotothe creator of Bitcoin, indicated in the first set of transactions of this network, to configuration block, by anchoring the message “The Times 03/Jan/2009 the chancellor is on the verge of a second bailout of the banks” as metadata. This letter refers to a headline published that day in the British newspaper The Times, which translates as “Chancellor on brink of second bank bailout”.

Similarly, the Bukele who achieved Legalization of this digital currency in your countryHe says of Bitcoin, which was launched as a network in January 2009, “Some understand it, some don’t yet. We’re still early days.” He ends his letter with “/21m” indicating the planned shortage of 21 million coins, which will be divided among all the world’s population.

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