Ftse Mib: Today’s Best and Worst Stocks

A day of increases for Ftse Mib stock (+1.22%), Saipem benefited above all, rebounding after the difficulties of the past few days and closing trading 8.7% higher. In view of assets under management: Banca Generali + 4.2%, Banca Mediolanum + 3.2%, Azimut + 2.8%, Fineco + 1.5%.

Industries in the light, WeBuild shine

Pirelli stands out, among industrial stocks, at +3.5%. Purchases also on Stellantis (+2.5%). In light, off the main Webuild list (+ 5.7%). The construction group is in the lead, along with other companies from the More consortium, for a UK contract for the new A303, the road running next to the Stonehenge archaeological site: a €1.5 billion contract.

A few jerks from the banks

Move a little, but everything is above the level, bank shares. Mediobanca is the best, growing 1.7%, Bper, in the midst of news of Carige’s closing game, followed by +1.2%. Unicredit grew by 1%, Intesa Sanpaolo by 0.9% and Banco Bpm by 0.7%.

Under parity only four addresses

Hardly any of the big companies are losing ground. The only relevant exception is Terna, which is down 1.2%, followed by Inwit (-0.3%) and Atlantia (-0.2%). Slightly less than equal to the hump (-0.1%). (All rights reserved)

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