Ftse Mib Rally in Avary Square (+6.95%). Spread at 147 pips on the eve of the European Central Bank

Piazza Avary’s stock rose by the end of the session by 6.95% to 23,889 points. Among the other lists, Frankfurt + 7.89%, Paris + 7.13% and London + 3.44%. However, on Wall Street, about an hour and a half into the close, the Dow was up +1.96%, the S&P +2.5% and the Nasdaq +3.27%. On the geopolitical front, the whole wait for tomorrow with the meeting in Turkey between Lavrov and Kuliba, the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine, “after Ukraine is ready to leave the NATO membership premise,” Anthelia experts commented. But Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said he did not have high expectations for tomorrow’s meetings.

Commodity prices contracted, with Brent losing 3.99% to $122 a barrel and WTI losing 3.56% to $119. Weekly US crude oil inventories came to 411.562 million barrels, down 1.863 million barrels compared to the previous week. This was announced by the US Department of Energy, adding that weekly gasoline stocks were instead equal to 244.606 million barrels, down 1.405 million from last week. Gas fell more than 20% to 151 euros per megawatt-hour in Europe. Gold is down (-1.83%) but is above the $2,005 threshold.

The ruble fell further after Fitch downgraded Russia’s sovereign rating (from B to C). On the other hand, the single currency is growing, returning to $1.10 (+1.54%) on the eve of the European Central Bank meeting. They said from Mfs Investment Management ahead of tomorrow’s monetary meeting that the ECB “will express caution and underscore uncertainties regarding elevated geopolitical risks, but this will be balanced by higher inflation and upwardly revised short-term inflation expectations.” Policy. Meanwhile, on the yield front, the BTP/Bund spread remains at 147 pips with the 10-year BTP yield rising to 1.668%, while in the US the 10-year Treasury yield is 1.920%. (All rights reserved)

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