From tomorrow, the municipality of Pico will implement a web system so that residents can carry out the measures –

Mayor Fernanda Alonso announced this this afternoon when she stated that the IT domain hierarchy will be implemented, which will be renamed the Directorate General for Technological Modernization and Innovation.

“Modernization of the local state involves many actions, in these two years we have made diagnostics and investments in technological equipment, telephone and communication networks in municipal areas, which is why one of the adjustments we are implementing will be the hierarchy of information technology, which will be renamed the Directorate,” Alonso said. The General Assembly for Modernization and Technological Innovation, where we will comprehensively address the investments that regions need to improve services.”

“Part of the projects we worked on was customer service, which is why we developed a specific program that allows for various procedures to be carried out, within which, residents will be able to join the electronic billing system, take shifts to get driver’s licenses, manage interviews for credits or vaccinations for animals pets as well as leaving inquiries/claims about waste, street or cemetery maintenance. We are aiming for digital citizenship. All this range of offerings will grow during the year, municipal staff have been trained and the action plan will continue to be developed. He explained that the login button will be available on the website starting from tomorrow.

“Pay attention, we also deal with it face to face, which is why in the Municipal Palace from today you will find dedicated staff who will help you clear your inquiries, in addition to the assistance staff of the basic social services; it will not be necessary to go to the center to start the municipal procedures, there will be staff Trained at various points in the city, we want the experience to be comfortable and simple.

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Phone number only

Finally, “telephone communication will be another service channel for the neighbor. We have started technical consultations, which for one year will achieve the arrangement of all inquiries that reach this municipality and the universal channel, the organization of responses and the registration of each claim with its corresponding traceability. . The municipality will have a phone number One made up of 3 numbers which makes it easier for neighbors to submit their inquiries.”

A comprehensive review of procedures, projects, programmes, plans, indicators and any data generated “occupies us from the update schedule. This year we will make a systematic review of the steps taken by each department that is implemented in order to avoid information confusion and achieve internal order.”

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