“From Scratch” Zoe Saldana in Italy in the trailer for the Netflix mini-series

Inspired by the memoirs of a successful actress Eureka Tempe Look And her intercultural relationship with her late husband I’ll beSeries Netflix from scratchProduced by another company Reese WitherspoonIt will be available on broadcast from October 21 The announcement came on the occasion of the release of the official trailer.

before the trailer for from scratch

from scratch follow a star symbol picture Zoe Saldana in turn Amahle ‘Amy’ wheelerDuring a trip abroad in Italy, an American student meets a charming Sicilian chef linen (Eugenio MastrandriaAnd the fugitive).

Commercial Record. Jessica Brooks/Netflix © 2022

the plot

Based on the autobiographical bestseller of the same name, From Scratch – The Power of Love It tells a love story between cultures Amahle “Amy” Wheeler (played before zoe Saldaña), an American student who falls in love with a Sicilian chef linen While in Italy. The two lovers face a thousand unexpected obstacles, including cultural differences, but just as in real life, the whirlwind story alternates with moments of joy and glee with other, more serious moments. but when linen They get sick and the couple’s future is in jeopardy, their families unite across borders like they never imagined, proving that love can do anything.

The rest of the actors

Other actors are also playing in the miniseries, along with the aforementioned actors. among these Daniel Didweiler (Eleventh Station), Keith David (green leaf), Judith Scott (All Americans), kelita smith (Z . nation) and other Italian actors Lucia Sardo (Honor and respect), Bared Benasai (innocence) And the Roberta Rigano (One step away from heaven).

trailer for from scratch

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