From metaverse to predictive analysis, social trends for 2023

what will social trend subordinate 2023? The answer can be found in the search that Talkwalker Every year they realize, “Global monitoring by the Talkwalker platform, based on AI (Proprietary Blue Silk™ technology) – they explain – analyzes conversations on all media including websites, social networks, blogs, forums and even individual comments from users”. Here are the 10 trends for the coming year

social trends

Cookies “crumble”. Predictions that would also apply in the current year except that The Google YesElimination of third-party cookiesNot without disappointment search engine users. In short, Google and marketing are not yet ready to give up getting into users’ lives but instead users are very willing to give up on it. For businesses and marketers, the advice is to consider the end of cookies inevitable and take advantage of the extension provided to become stronger in content, Enhance privacy and transparency point to “social listening” To extract valuable information to make your communications richer.

Social media will have a new standard. From freedom of expression to hostile words, social media has become and will increasingly be “guardians” as defined in the report Johnny PentwoodGlobal Data and Analytics Manager Gulen: Hostile comments, dangers and lies must be tracked down and eliminated. awareness of the existence of fake news It’s now everyone’s heritage, but that doesn’t stop the production of misinformation created on the table in increasingly accurate ways.

In particular ,deep fake“Content created by AI that makes credible facts and events that never happened goes viral: a social risk and brands engage like no one else. How do you stand up for yourself?” cyber securityfirst of all, to ensure that users’ data is protected, that they become defenders of honesty and do not pass on fake and unverified news.

Decentralized social networks will be the novelty. There is like anti instagram be realisticand anti-Twitter like mastodons And the discordDifferent stories, but united by them Defense of privacy It is the management transmitted from the social to its users. Be-Real, which teens like so much, is a kind of selfie in which the program asks you to photograph yourself at that moment of the day, and the lenses are activated on and off: it doesn’t matter where you are if you’re perfect or perfect, there’s no trick and no deception, the photos disappear Within a day the user just has his own memory.

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Anti-tweet operations took off especially after the acquisition of the social network with ucclelino by Elon Musk. Mastodon defines itself as the ethical alternative to Twitter, as it does not rely on a single server but rather on a myriad of servers all over the world. In short, the rebellion among users is brewing, and brands will be left with the difficult decision about escaping the big names of social networks by slipping into new ones, realizing that some will survive and others will evaporate in no time.

Multisensory social media will elevate into a content medium for everyone. While waiting to smell aromas or taste dishes online, research confirms how everyone will eventually like audio, video, etc. in almost the same way and in 2023. Vertical videos Those, to be clear, on which he built so much of his success tik tokIt will be the winning formula. In general, if videos, sounds, and sounds are most popular to satisfy the consumer, they should be shortened, lengthened, combined or lightened: music, captions, velocity, and tone of voice are the components that can multiply the concept in dozens of different languages ​​that each fit their medium.

The rise and fall of social commerce. There is no doubt that he is still looking for his way, and that there is plenty of room to grow until: social shopping However, this is still a ‘trend’ and not a whole truth even though research tells us that ‘in some countries, such as China, 49% of users on social media have made a purchase on social media, compared to 44% in the US’. Estimated to social commerce In China, it will account for 14.3% of all e-commerce in 2023, compared to just 4.9% in the US.” Does culture and distance make a difference? Perhaps yes, so much so that TikTok has abandoned the idea of ​​developing social commerce in Europe and the US, focusing on Only on the UK in the West.

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The race to the metaverse will pay off. It’s impossible to deny a trend into the metaverse, platforms efforts multiply but not everything on the metaverse is the same and not everyone will remain active in the field. Forecasts so far see the development of a Confuse the physical and the virtual at any The metaverse will act as an intermediary: Everyone who focuses on the metaverse must always make sure that what they offer is something that facilitates life and not its opposite; A stunning and impressive effect can do a lot, but the simplicity of use and the democratization of the medium are indispensable factors.

Predictive analytics will change marketing. By itself, no one invented anything, predictive analysis has already been used by finance and banks, to analyze whether or not credit is to be given, but its application in marketing is relatively new, to the point that not many have the same skills. According to a Talkwalker survey, only 42% of marketers said they have predictive analytics skills. But how does it work? to explain it David Low, cmo from Talkwalker: “Predictive analytics is finally using the power of artificial intelligence to automate all these processes at scale, with more reliable real-time industrial data available.” One such example is Deliver, a logistics company, which, thanks to predictive analysis, is able to anticipate consumer demands and elements of the situation in advance in the geographical areas where the demand is expected. Acquired by Shopify in May 2022 for $2.1 billion.

Environmental sustainability will be key. If embracing sustainability is an effort everyone makes for better or for worse, the language between brands and users is getting closer and closer, which means that between the demands of citizens and operations, there are sustainability strategies that companies implement. It is more and more contact. Therefore, 2023 will be the moment when those who have managed to adjust their strategy with a view to sustainability, will begin to reap the benefits also in terms of sales and consumer appreciation.

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The customer experience will be increasingly social. The rush of shopping is instant fun, which leads to instant orders, from very fast delivery, or the so-called Q-TradeImmediate response to any questions or complaints. Social media, seen as communication channels, will increasingly take on the task of supporting brands in meeting these demands. They noted from Talkwalker: “We expect, in 2023, to increase the use of dedicated social media support channels within the channel to provide fast and effective responses, regardless of which platform consumers are using.”

Buying communities will develop more and more. Brands will have to look more at communities for engagement and less on the individual influencer. A community where you can find micro-influencers, staff ambassadors and even simple enthusiastic customers, who will be the wave capable of pushing the brand forward, beyond its usual limits. Analyzing these communities is the starting point, finding and engaging them, and if they don’t exist, creating them is the task of social media marketers of 2023.

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