from Australia! Angie Alvarado surprises her with a postcard with ex-boy Yingo

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Several years ago Angie Alvarado She lives in Australia, where she met her boyfriend who proposed to her at the end of December 2021. On the social network, he posted a photo with his partner showing the engagement ring. He said at the time: “Yes and a thousand times yes! I love you and I want to live with you.”

Since that time, the young woman sometimes appears on social media, in fact she has not uploaded pictures, only the stories of her life in Sydney, away from her family and mother Anita Alvarado.

But now Angie surprised her followers by appearing in a photo with Alexander Nunez, better known as Sandy From wingo. They both formed a beautiful friendship, so she took advantage of going to visit her friend.

Alongside photos taken at the Sydney Opera House, he wrote: “Lovely day together, I love you so much because you know it’s amazing to see you change your mind. I adore you.”

Sandy and Angie Alvarado.

The post was filled with various likes and comments highlighting the friendship with messages such as: “nice”, “nice to see them together”, “regius”, etc. In addition, Alvarado also commented: “Love you my friend, nice day together! And you should have grown up one day hahaha.”

Sandy in Challenger

A few months ago, the former Yingo boy appeared on Mega Star where he danced to Physical Rhythm, a song by Dua Lipa. He performed everything on stage, however, he was severely criticized by the judges: Alvaro Rudolph, Miriam Hernandez and Marcelo Pollino, and especially by the latter.

Which he told her, “You left like a shrink, it seems to me the fault, if you can call it that, is that you have a better dance troupe than you. Then I noticed your flaw compared to the rest.”

He then added, “I am saving your sympathy, but since this is not a show of sympathy… it has not reached you.”

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