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Everyone wants diamonds s After OB35 update. Virtual currency is of paramount importance on the platform and is generally in demand if people want to get cosmetics, leather, fashion, pets, and other exclusive items.

diamond recharge in It requires real money, so not all players can afford it. Regardless, the desire for exclusive items forces people to search for free ways to get the coin and there are many solutions available without having to download dangerous software.

Free fire | Android apps to earn free diamonds

Boyah! It is a streaming and gaming content creation app. However, what makes it interesting is that it hosts various events and competitions with exciting rewards including in-game items and even diamonds.

Users often have to upload clips or even watch them for a certain period of time in order to get a certain set of rewards. We recommend linking an ID With a Booyah account! To get rewards.

Another option is Free Fire Advance Server, which is a platform released by Garena before each update. This allows players to try out new features that have not been released. Not many are aware that it also allows them to get free diamonds by reporting bugs and glitches to provide the best experience when they launch.

Users can use the Bug Report tab on the official website and submit a detailed report with sufficient evidence. If the report is real, they can get free diamonds in their global account.

finally, Google Opinion Rewards It is an application dedicated to short and simple surveys in exchange for Google Play credits, which can then be used to make in-app purchases .

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Many players use this alternative as they can only accumulate a few credits and then wait for the special Airdrop, which offers diamonds along with other in-game items at a discount.

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