Fraport Skyliners builds into the Basketball League

DrSkyliners coach describes Sebastian Gleem’s picture of this basketball season after playing twelve games as follows: “It’s not the best season we can imagine. Something is missing. But it is one of the most exciting and surprising seasons.” In the home game against Würzburg (72:80) ), Frankfurt did not live up to its preferred position – despite the fact that Würzburg only had three players from the United States in their squad. “The experts asked me if we and our team were at all ready for the league at the moment. Coach Denise Faucherer said happily,“ With a healthy heart, correct demeanor and the necessary commitment in defense. ”

His colleague Gleem, however, was not confirmed. In terms of results, it was “definitely” his “best” as a Skyliners trainer. The Hessians have won five out of eight matches. After a long while, the Skyliners are back to a playoff point in eighth place. The area of ​​the table in which a large part of the team is drawn. Lots of players will talk about it. Gleem emphasized: “For me, this is not an issue now.” “First and foremost, our goal should be to train like a playoff team or tournament.”

The failure against Würzburg now revealed that Skyliners have to show their full potential in every match if they really want to score above average on this round. Her eight-man rotation tolerates no neglect on the part of employees – particularly as far as mental situations are concerned. Unfortunately, “a lot of our kids let themselves down a lot at some point,” Gleem criticized after the Würzburg match. And also the failures of players like Michael Kissins, who enjoys a special position with Skyliners because he is the only real position in the squad, that Frankfurt clearly cannot afford.

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After the 29-year-old failed with rib bruises in the second half, Skyliners clearly lost their counter-duel against Würzburg. With Kessens it looked very different in the previous games. The 2.06m pro also emphasizes his importance in Skyliners as a bumper for important shooters Matt Mobley and Jon Axel Gudmundsson, the league’s most successful development duo (together 33.8 points per match).

Skyliners relied heavily on Mobley’s accuracy, and is the second best shooter in the league with 19.2 points per game. Their formula for success so far has been this: If Mobley does a good job, Frankfurt is usually on the winning side. Skyliners will have to do with good teamwork between Mobley and Kessens on Saturday (8.30pm at MagentaSport) at Hamburg’s 6th Towers due to a position violation.

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