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Despite the third loss of the season, the playoffs played by the Frankfurt Galaxy players are still close at hand. Coach Thomas Cosling heralds a tough time — and another key player fears.

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Frankfurt Galaxy loses against the invaders of Tyrol

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Frankfurt Galaxy’s upward trend in the European Football League (ELF) has stopped at the moment. After two straight wins, the defending champions lost their third game of the season against the Tyrol Riders on Sunday and also had to let the Austrians pass them at the Central Conference table.

“That was the sticking point.”

Coach Thomas Cosling was torn in his analysis of the narrow 17:23 bankruptcy. “The defeat is painful, but it must be accepted because it was a good match and you also have to show respect to Innsbruck,” he said in an interview with hr-Sport. It may happen that you lose in Tyrol by six points. However, the coach was still upset by a key scene in the first half.

Shortly before the first half whistle, the Hessians received a penalty because they had one man too many on the field. The result: Innsbruck got its first new touchdown and shortly thereafter scored another. Instead of 7:7, he entered the galaxy backwards 7:14. “That was the gist of it,” said Cosling, who still believes in making it to the playoffs, but he also knows his team is no longer allowed to give gifts like this: “There’s no longer room for mistakes.”

The chances of the match are still good

Only the three conference winners and the best runner-up in all groups enter the post-season phase. With the Vikings in Vienna still holding a clean slate after five games in the Frankfurt Conference, the Hessians will likely have only second place as an option.

The good from Frankfurt’s point of view: with two wins and three defeats, they didn’t do so badly in the race for the “last” place in the playoffs. Innsbruck is within walking distance with a 3:2 record and many 3:2 and 2:3 teams are also vying for second place in the other divisions. Bad news for the Galaxy: With defender Joshua Poznanski there is another loss to complain about.

Poznanski threatens the end of the season

The defensive back injured his ankle in Innsbruck. “At best, it’s a severe strain in the ligaments, but maybe something has ruptured,” Cosling’s first assessment said. In the worst case, Poznanski ended the season with a syndromic injury. After O-Liner Lars Hampel, who succeeded Gennadiy Adams and linebacker Sebastian Gauthier, he will be the fourth major player to end the season prematurely.

However, Kösling does not accept the sufferer’s plight as an excuse. His simple motto for survival beyond the regular season: “If we want to be a big team and play in the playoffs, then we’ll have games to win.” Next Sunday (3pm) the galaxy faces a challenge at the Stuttgart Surge. The Swabians haven’t had a single win on their account yet. Galaxy will do its best to ensure that nothing changes over the weekend.

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