Francisco “Desert Storm” Rojas travels to Finland today in search of a world medal

It will be a new experience for the veteran elliptical athlete. A competition to be added to the long list of international events in which the outstanding athlete Francisco “Tormenta del Desierto” Rojas participated.

But it is important to him, because this time he had the support of many people and institutions that helped him get the resources to be able to say present on the sporting call, his eighth World Cup of this kind.

With suitcases packed, the top athlete leaves Ovalle on Saturday. You will first travel to Santiago, and from there you will go to Finland with stops in Toronto and Munich. He will have to acclimatise and get used to the changing times and the elevation of Tampere, the host city, to prepare then for his first competition to be held on July 3.

“I am grateful to the many people who have supported me. They made a lot of effort from my S-200 club and the municipality of Ovalle responded with a good contribution. Besides my family, my daughter Francesca Rugar, with her friends, was the one who operated the aid. Many people have cooperated, And even from the North they supported us, so I am committed to everyone.”

The famous athlete will compete in four different competitions: in the five thousand meters, in the ten thousand meters, and in the 4×400 and 4×100 relays.

“I am scored in all of these, and I will take a risk for a medal. I would very much like to win a medal in the world championships. My body is well prepared, I feel good. I have trained a lot and feel well motivated,” he commented.

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He noted that at least 40 Chilean athletes will attend the Finnish event, in categories from 35 to 95, with breaks every five years.

“No fewer than 40 Chilean athletes will be attending, and although we did not go out together with a delegation, we will definitely meet in Finland. Just like me, they signed me up for two relay events, which is why I am very excited.”

The 24th World Veterans Athletics Championships (WMAC 2022) will take place from June 29 to July 10, and more than ten thousand athletes from 90 different countries will participate.

The “World Masters of Athletics Championships” is an athletics tournament held every two years for athletes over the age of 35. The last edition was held in Spain, in 2018, and had to be suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic. In the Spanish event, Rojas managed to place himself among the ten best players in the world.

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