France managed to achieve a close victory over Australia by 30-29

France I managed to turn the score around five minutes from the end and won Australia In a real match 30-29. Thanks to this victory, the European team achieved an incredible eleven consecutive victories.

During the first part of the match, both teams were very meticulous in defense and it was difficult for them to reach rival Ingoal, although they committed some penalties that opened the scoring. Only in the 17th minute of the match, Australia I got the first conquest in hand Lalakai Fukti.

The French cast was in full attack when Antoine Dupont He played a great kick that was so close to Erby helix But this team’s ability made it possible for them to get out of this attack with the air and in the counterattack they managed to reach the obligatory to get up on the scoreboard.

Since then, the Oceanians have felt very comfortable on the field of play and were able to close the game in the middle of the field. The French team managed to score some points thanks to penalty kicks from Thomas Ramos But it wasn’t enough.

In the last play of the first half, France He recovered hard thanks to stress and Julian Marchand He managed to bolster his attempt to turn the score and thus lead by six points on the scoreboard in the first half.

Already in the second half, Australia He was more complete on the field of play and that showed in the score. Or not, Bernard Foley He managed to reduce the distance thanks to a penalty kick and then Jack Campbell I managed to put together a multi-stage play in which the Wallabies had enough patience to change the outcome.

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From then until the end, the Australians devoted themselves to muddying the field and preventing the French team from displaying their game, while the locals tried to hurt their opponent, but the yellow defense turned out superbly.

In the last minutes, France showed all its potential and benefited from helix They’ve been held up hard in defense until then Damien Benaud I managed to get into ingoal after getting rid of many competitors. The result changed when packages I managed to turn this conquest into her mode 30-29.

France managed the last moments even when Australia He attacked and at that moment of pure adrenaline, Jonathan Dante I got into a very important struggle and managed to catch the ball for the referee Jack Pepper After the match ends Decree of the eleventh victory in a row for France.

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