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The narrow poll was Odoxa, which gave 53% of the vote for Macron and released on Thursday. This opinion institute gave the incumbent a 9-point income after the first round in the 10th round, but since then it has been on a downward trend.

All the Opinion polls published in France On the last day before the day of thinking Bashir win over for re-election candidate in the French presidential election, Emmanuel Macron.

The above, with an advantage between six and fourteen points against the far right Marine Lupine.

the last polls increase, Released on Friday, it maintains the forecast for the past two weeks, although in some cases they expect a trend reversal.

Contrary to what the rest of the polling stations expected, which indicated an increasing decline for Le Pen since the first round.

The biggest advantage indicated by opinion polls Ipsos s opinion method, Which indicates that the current tenant of the Elysee will receive 57% of the vote next Sunday.

Opinion Way gives Macron 1 percentage point growth over the previous day. That, while Ipsos drops it half a point, the first fall at that institute was recorded in a week.

Elabe, another demographic, gives a candidate for re-election 55.5% of the vote, up one point from yesterday, while Ifop puts his win at 55%, half a point down, his first drop since the second lap.

All opinion institutes put the margin of error between 2 and 3 points.

Data from opinion polls in France

The liberal president questioned the democratic intentions of his rival, who in turn accused him of betraying the French, two days before the main election day that the outgoing president is facing with the wind in favor of the election.

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Macron took one last communal bath and threw his last gathering on a sunny afternoon in the small town of 10,000 people in the south of the country, as he climbed to the stage of the band on the square.

The foregoing, surrounded by ardent believers, to reveal some of his measures for the benefit of the village world.

“One year, two years, five more years!” the audience shouted. And they had, at times, to stop and remember that despite the polls, “nothing has been won so far”.

The president returned to a leftist territory, a socialist fief, in another nod to voters who supported Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first round.

It is the presidential candidate who came third with nearly eight million votes that became the key to victory.

“lepenistas” publications

Macron did not name his rival, but was surprised by leaflets thrown from a balcony in the square by a group of Le Pen supporters.

In addition, supporters of the candidate raised a banner emphasizing that “when everything is private, we will be deprived of everything.”

The candidate for re-election asked those attending the rally not to be booed. In addition, he told them: “Be happy that you live in a democracy that allows you to be different. With another candidate’s project it will be different.”

He accused his rival of sponsoring a project based on “hate and dividing the country” and putting his own project first, which he considered “a project for the future (…) based on the values ​​on which the history of France is based.”

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