France, fiber-optic alarm with hacked cables in the country: what is happening?

While in France they want to revoke the TV license, in the country outside the Alps, not all roses are exactly as far as fiber optic connections are concerned. In fact, there were numerous reports of vandalism during the week – but what is it about?

A real mystery he left behind Offline most country during the week. Dangerous act, he was immediately accused of being “sabotageWhich led to the involvement of French intelligence to be able to find the key to the problem.

Similarly, the Ministry of Digital Affairs, Cedric Ostated that “Internet cables have been cut in the Ile-de-France region, and the problem affects both fixed and mobile networks. We are in close contact with the operators who are working to restore service“.

Among the hypotheses there would naturally be one on the political side, with particular reference to the last presidential elections they saw. Back to Elysee Emmanuel Macron After voting fiercely for Le Pen. But in the poll result, there was no shortage of protests, which in some cases led to violent street clashes. For this reason, even this matrix cannot be completely ruled out.

In recent weeks, even the President of the United States Biden expressed his concern networks in general. In particular, Biden raised the alarm about critical infrastructure in the United States, in light of the recent diplomatic crisis sparked by the large-scale Russian-led invasion of Ukraine.

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