France and Great Britain have fought over Neptune for 176 years

It falls on September 23 176 years since the discovery of Neptune in 1846. The eighth planet in distance to Sun Farthest from the solar system, it is fourth in diameter and third in mass.

His discovery unleashes a national conflict between France and Great Britain To determine whether they are English or Gaulish astronomers with whom the honor of discovery corresponds.

It all began in 1821, when a French astronomer Alexis Bouvard Published in his astronomical tables orbit of Uranus. Observations revealed significant perturbations, leading Bouvard to hypothesize that the orbit of Uranus must have been perturbed by another body.

In 1843, Briton John Cush Adams calculated the orbit of an eighth planet based on the observed anomalies in the orbit of Uranus. He sent his accounts to Sir George Airy, and astronomer Real who asked for more information. Adams began to formulate a response, but he did not escape sending it.

Meanwhile, the Frenchman, Urban Le Verrier, published his own accounts. in the same year, Briton John Herschel began to defend the mathematical approach He persuaded fellow countryman James Challis to search for the planet proposed by Le Verrier. After much delay, Challis reluctantly began his research in July 1846.

Meanwhile, Le Verrier persuaded German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle to search for the planet. Neptune was discovered on the same night, and September 23, 1846, Where Le Verrier expected it would be found. Challis later realized that he had observed the planet twice earlier in August, without realizing it.

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After the discovery, there was a lot of national rivalry Between the French and the British About who had priority in discovery and deserved credit. An international consensus eventually emerged that both Le Verrier and Adams deserved it together. Later, it was found that Galileo had found the planet in 1612, but thought it was a star.

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